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A hi-tech cure for back pain – New technology can work out what’s causing your poor posture

Has back pain been troubling you for a long time? Do you sit on your computer for long hours and don’t realise when you end up with a slouching back? If no reminders or Yoga can help you keep your back straight, you will be happy to learn about this new technology that can help you with your back pain permanently.

Technology has been making our lives easy with everything that we do. So, why not use it to alleviate back pain? Researchers have shown that back pain can be effectively managed merely by focusing on the posture. Keeping this in mind, a new technology has been developed where the sensors observe your posture 24X7 to help you assess the problem area. This breathtaking new technology is called ViMove which was earlier available to the elites or athletes,but now it is trying to reach out to more people.


Let’s check out the features of ViMove!

Features of ViMove

  • The ViMove sensors assess the movements of your body to understand the origin of the problem.
  • It can be worn easily by anyone and has a hi-tech technology
  • It has real-time tracking of the posture throughout the day
  • It helps in identifying any kinds of risks of injury associated with the postures
  • Patients can easily retrieve their data and keep track

How Does It Work?

The way ViMove works is quite scientific and objective. If you learn about its functioning, you would exactly know why it is so effective as compared to the traditional methods.


Following is the step-by-step process of how it works:

Step One

To begin with, the sensors are placed on your back,and you are asked to perform certain exercises to assess the range of your motion. It includes backward movements, forward movements, sideways movements and also the way you sit and stand is noted. It assesses static as well as moving postures.

Step Two

As a second step, the data is transferred to a computer or a tablet. So, it is easier tovisualise the data in the form of easy-to-read graphs.

Step Three

You can see the assessment on a graph. Interestingly, you will not just see the movements but also the origin of each movement. For example, you would know if the movement is coming from the pelvis or the spine and the place where exactly it would end. This also helps in comparing your previous data with the current one.

Step Four

Furthermore, your entire physiotherapy session can be designed based on these movements. Alternatively, any other useful exercises are suggested to you based on the information given by the sensors. Therefore, the likelihood of faster movements increases by manifolds. If a regular physiotherapy treatment takes a few years to help you with your back, a treatment designed with the help of ViMove might show you results in 3 weeks.

Step Five

Moreover, there is also a possibility of using ViMove on your smartphone or a tablet. It gives you access to all your data and also suggests exercises/treatments accordingly. It is a great way to design your exercise plans or physiotherapy accordingly.

Step Six

You can easily track your progress throughout the treatment and assess its effectiveness. If you see a regular upward trajectory in your graphs, it means your treatment is in the right direction. If not, you can reconsider the exercises or the physiotherapy treatment that you are undergoing.

Case Study 1

The six stepseasily exemplify how ViMove is a revolutionary hi-tech cure for your back. To understand its use better, you can have a look at some of the case studies and success stories listed below:

The successful story of ViMove for a Furniture Delivery Man

One of the success stories comes from a furniture delivery man who used ViMove to cure his lower back pain. Since he was a furniture delivery man, he was used to delivering heavy furniture to households until suddenly he reported a sharp pain in his lower back. This pain brought him to the ViMove clinic to find a solution for his back pain. Since he was working asa furniture delivery man for a long time, as a part of his job, he was either carrying heavy furniture or sitting static while driving the vehicles.

His usual practice was to sit static in the vehicles, then get off and bend down to lift heavy weight. Doing this for a prolonged period and with incorrect posture led him to develop spine issues. This spine issue finally resulted in sudden lower back pain. It affected his work immensely,but with the help of data from ViMove, he was able to identify the exact problems in the posture and worked towards rectifying the issues. Within a few months, he was back to his work with a better posture.

Case Study 2

Success Story of ViMove For A Factory Worker

Case Study 2 is from a 49-year old factory working. He was suffering from back pain for a long time until he was referred to use ViMove. In the past, he had used acupuncture technique and cured his lower back issues,but it came back again after a long period of rest in the morning. He experienced high levels of stiffness and could not keep his back straight. However, with the data gathered by ViMove, his exact problems were tracked and he was given the right kind of treatment. Again, in no time, he was back on track with positive progress in the lower back pain.

There are several other success stories of athletes, factory workers, soccer players, runners and much more. The effectiveness of ViMove is directly related to its scientific approach and the pool of data that it collects with the help of its sensors. It uses a step-by-step approach to identify the problem and then fixes it.

Hence, if you are suffering from prolonged back pain, maybe it’s time for you to switch to this hi-tech cure for back pain!


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