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Myths about Android Smartphones

There are two kinds of smartphone users, ones that are fond of iOS and ones that love the convenience of android. The battle of the two most popular operating systems has led to a war between its users. IOS users don’t refrain from spreading rumors about the android operating system nor do the android users keep themselves from condemning iOS. Android phones have been mainstream for only a few years but fictitious stories about them have still built up. Therefore it’s the need of the hour to inform people about these made up stories so that they can differentiate between the myths and the truth.

Removing recently used apps will speed up your phone

When you close apps from your smartphone’s list of recently used apps, don’t expect it to miraculously speed up. Those apps aren’t actually running in the background so they don’t tend to slow down your phone, they are only saved up in your RAM which makes it easier for you to get access to them and switch to them quickly.

You need a task kill to improve the performance of your phone

If you use a task kill application on your phone that automatically removes apps from the RAM of your smartphone after you’re done using them, then you shouldn’t because the apps are just frozen in the background and they don’t drain your CPU.                                                                                                             So, using a task kill application is uncalled for and it could actually be slowing down your phone.

Android is susceptible to malware

The thing about android smartphones is that you get the option of downloading apps outside of Google playstore, where as in case of iOS that isn’t true. That is what makes your android smartphone more vulnerable to viruses as compared to iPhones. In order to make your phone safe, you can abstain from downloading apps outside of playstore.

Android phones have a poor performance

It’s a common misconception that apps created for android smartphones crash very often which leads to poor performance of android smartphones. This could actually be because people ignore software updates due to insufficient disk space which leads to crashing of applications.

Android phones aren’t user friendly

This myth comes from the fact that people don’t like change. When a person switches from an iPhone to an android he needs to get used to it. Initially, the new android user would get frustrated with the functions of his phone but gradually he’ll get accustomed to it.

Apple devices don’t seamlessly connect to Android phones

There are people who don’t make the switch from iPhone to android phones because they think that connecting an android to their Macbook, iMac or other devices would be a hassle. But in actuality there is a wide variety of services that help your apple devices to connect to an android. So if that’s the reason you haven’t made the switch, you know better now.


Author Bio: This article was written by Rida Maqbool. She works at Mobiwoz.

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