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Guide to Buying an E-Bike and Improving its Efficiency

Amid the rising oil prices, pollution, and shrinking road space today, e-bikes have become a practical answer for many concerns raised by different experts. Here, in this article, we shall provide you guidance on what aspects you must consider before buying an e-bike and how to maintain it.

How to purchase an e-bike?

Step 1: Understand your requirements

Before buying an e-bike, it is important to understand your requirements- Ask yourself these questions.

  • Why you need an e-bike?
  • Is it a necessity? Or
  • Is it for commuting to a workplace? Or
  • Do you need it for a hiking? Or
  • Do you want to avoid the traffic congestion problem?

Well, once you have understood the purpose, the next job is deciding the budget.

Step 2: Find the retailer from where you can buy an e-bike

Once you have decided to purchase the bike and your budget, the next aspect is from where to buy an e-bike. You must judge the place based on three indicators viz. quality, service offered and the features that the e-bike provides. Based on thee you can take a test ride and decide further.

Now that you have purchased an e-bike, the next big question is: “How to maintain the e-bike?”

How to take care of an electric bike?

There are various points that you need to take in order to keep your e-bike running strong for several years. We have listed them below:

Remove the battery prior to the cleaning

Ensure to remove the battery before cleaning your e-bike.

Charge the battery

It is recommended to fully charge the battery after each ride, even though you have traveled for a short distance.

Ensure that the battery is clipped

Always ensure that the battery is clipped fully so that there arises is no problem of leakage.

Understand the kind of battery installed and take care of it accordingly

There are four kinds of batteries available across the globe

  • Li-Ion and lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries suffer from various flaws including, quality, weight and chemical composition. These batteries are heavier in size and have shorter life-span, while lithium batteries from tlhbattery are smaller in size and have run longer. Though lead acid batteries are cheap and easy to recycle yet they are vulnerable to damage and difficult to handle under tough conditions. They won’t make the right choice if you are serious about using your e-bike to commute.
  • There is another variant available in the market viz. NiCd nickel-cadmium battery. These batteries tend to have more capacity as compared to lead-acid batteries. However, nickel cadmium is a pollutant and hard to recycle. So, they are slowly turning into a matter of past.
  • NiMH batteries are more efficient than NiCd batteries, but they tend to be more expensive and hence they are also becoming a rarity because today the marketplace is dominated by Lithium-ion batteries.
  • Lithium Ion Polymer batteries promise to be better in terms of price, weight, and range. They don’t have a heavy shell or covering and are less vulnerable to the problems caused due to thorough handling, damage or overcharge. These batteries, in general, are ideal for use in high-capacity and low power applications like e-bikes.

Although all the above-mentioned batteries have different pros and cons, it is a universal fact that the even high-capacity batteries tends to lose its capacity if not used well. With a certain change in habits we will not only be able to reduce their aging process but also use it optimally.

How to increase the life-span of the battery?

  • Don’t keep the e-bike at a warm place: The e-bike batteries hate to get exposed to extreme temperatures, especially sunlight. A fully charged battery, when exposed directly to warm sunlight, can cause damage to the e-bike too.
  • Don’t push the bike too hard: If you want to keep the battery in right shape don’t push the e-bike too hard as it may suck its capacity and drain its power. So, it is recommended to slow down and smell the roses (a pun).
  • Storing the battery: Before storing the battery in a cupboard, you should at least charge it by 60% (if you want to store for a long time, which includes a fortnight) because over the time the battery leaks its power.
  • Clean the battery: Another way to improve the lifespan of the battery is to clean it regularly, especially after it has become dirty or wet. If the battery is purchased from a reputed company, it would be waterproof to some degree; however, it is better to store it at a clean and dry place.
  • Don’t charge or discharge the battery often: Keep the life of the battery happy by not charging or discharging it too much. And of course, don’t push your battery too hard if you want to improve its lifespan.
  • Remove the battery after parking: If you are regularly traveling on your electric bike, it is best to remove the battery for its safety after parking.
  • Inflate the tyres: Try to keep the e-bike tyres inflated as it can improve the range by 15%.
  • Service your e-bike often: Another way to keep your e-bike running is by servicing it often.
  • Keep your battery covered: A battery cover helps to improve the life-span of the battery. The shell not only safeguards the battery from extreme temperature but also protects it from any untoward incidents.
  • Never use a steam pressure washer to clean the battery.
  • Never immerse the battery in water.

Finally, we would like to conclude that today e-bikes are bringing in a dramatic change and are transforming the society as a whole because it not only serves as an eco-friendly transport but is an answer to energy-related concerns too. But still, it is a slow and stodgy concept, and need a lot more support to make it popular among the youth.

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