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From Obsolete to Really Neat: Turning Your Old Phone Into a Home Security Camera

If you’re like most people, chances are you went through a lot of smartphones for the past 10 years or so. You might have a couple or more phones stashed in a bottom drawer somewhere in the house just gathering dust. You’ve been thinking about selling them for cheap, but you’re hesitant as they’re still working. Perhaps you can repurpose them as an eReader, an entertainment center, or a universal smart remote. But did you know that with new security camera technology you can easily turn your old phone into a security camera for your home? Read on to find out how.

But before we begin, make sure that the phone and its rear camera still work. If they’re still operational, then it’s time to begin.

1. Turn on your old phone, and then go to Google Play Store if you use an Android phone or the App Store if you have an old iPhone. Search for any security camera apps, and you’ll be presented with a wide array of choices. Alfred, WardenCam, Security Camera CZ, and Smart Home Surveillance Picket are some of the security-camera apps available for Android users. Other apps, such as Presence, Snoop, Manything, and Perch are also great options. Most of the apps are free to use (with some ads, of course), but there are security camera apps that you need to pay for if you want to install and use them.

Most security camera apps have almost the same features, but with some variations. Some of the most basic features that the apps have in common include motion detection, real-time live video monitoring (via 3G, 4G, or WiFi), instant alerts, free cloud storage, and two-way talk feature. Others have unique features such as 360 camera view, pan/tilt/zoom or PTZ, face recognition, night vision, and review events feature.

After checking the features, install your chosen app and agree to its terms and conditions. (You will need to grant the app access to your phone’s camera, microphone, and storage for it to work.) On your first device, sign in using your Google ID and click on the Camera Mode. You will use the first device as your security camera.

Turn on the second device, and repeat the first few steps. But instead of turning the camera on, you will use the second device as a viewer. Go to the Device List Menu where you will see the name of your first device. Connect the two devices by clicking the play button and entering the default PIN (1234). Once connected, you will now see the live video feed on the viewer device. Congratulations, you now have nifty security cameras so you can keep an eye on your family or your property.

2. Now that you have the security-camera apps set up, select a good spot on which to mount the first device. Place it in the hallway where you can get a good view of your front door or place it near your safe (if you have one). You can also use it as a baby or pet monitor. You can mount it in a mini tripod, and place it on a table, a credenza, or a bookshelf to get a good view of your home’s interior. You can also buy a wall-mounted phone holder, a suction mount, or a wall mount with an articulating arm if you want something more discreet and something that your child cannot reach. Choose which one suits your needs. All variations are available online.

3. Even if your phone is fully charged remember that live streaming videos can drain your battery quickly, so mount the phone near a reliable power source. If this is impossible, purchase a lightning cable phone charger (available between 3-feet length to as much as 10-feet length) so your phone is powered 24/7. Ensure tweak your security camera phone setting so it doesn’t go to lock screen or sleep mode.

It’s great that you can now breathe new life into your old phone or tablet by repurposing them into security cameras. If they are still working properly, there is no need to sell them to the recycling. With a little time on your hands plus some handy wall mounts or mini tripod, you can now repurpose your old phone into a 24/7 security camera.


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