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Learn the ways of Blockchain Development with Kingsland University

The new digital resources, new concepts and tools emerging all the time bring with them truly impressive technological innovations. These innovations span in all sectors of society, with business being one of the most targeted. Blockchain is one of these disruptive innovations, which use is growing worldwide.

Eliminating intermediaries, as well as ensuring greater security and simplicity are among Blockchain’s biggest promises. There are a number of opportunities to use Blockchain and the trend is for entities in different areas to use this technology in the coming years, which will obviously increase the need for software developers in this field.

Such fact brings amazing opportunities for developers wanting to specialize in this field, but the truth is that the market or the Academy are still lacking in terms of this specific education. This can be a thing of the past, though, as Kingsland University has just launched the world’s first School of Blockchain.

Other than general Software Programming course, the institution now features two blockchain-specific courses: Blockchain Programming and Blockchain Executive Education. In addition, it recently established a partnership with Tezos, the world’s first liquid proof-of-stake blockchain protocol, creating the first and only accredited blockchain curriculum with a Tezos specialization.

In a different partnership, this one established with Legacy Capital, Kingsland is taking the teaching of Blockchain software development to Africa, specifically to Mauritius – a country that is taking blockchain by storm, with specific regulation and governance for this technology.

Kingsland also offers several Blockchain-related courses in other cities across the globe, such as Singapore, Mexico City, Seoul (South Korea), Adelaide (Australia), New York, Los Angeles, and more, effectively taking this specific education to a lot of places where interested people can access them.

The offering of these courses puts Kingsland University on a pioneering position, filling a gap in terms of specific education on this specific and very sought field. With the expected outreach of Blockchain in a very near future, these courses can undoubtedly play an important part in producing qualified developers to work with this technology.

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