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How will Technology and AI Influence Betting this year?

2018 was a great year for advances in AI and deep learning technologies. It saw some amazing developments with these systems and people don’t seem to be having enough of it. Betway have researched the topic of AI, covering how robotic tech is being used from shopping on Amazon to taking part and winning against some of the world’s best poker players in 2017 Texas Hold ‘Em tournament. AI is being a secret influencer in every step that you take. If that sounds a little spooky, then it is a bit and isn’t really at the same time – Let me explain:

Yes, a fleet of AIs might be monitoring your activities, but at the same time it is making your life that much easier. For example, if you happen to visit a new establishment like a mall, you can rely on the mall’s AI enabled internal navigation features to guide you to your choice of destination, show the highlights of the establishment or even give you active notifications on special deals. Similarly, the same technology can be adapted for a plethora of different casino-based applications.

Although AI based systems have always been making lives for many people a whole lot easier for sometime now, it is also true that this has been at the forefront of controversies with many experts. However, there is no denying that it is indeed acting as a positive force to the world, at least for now.

The previous year saw the deployment of fully autonomous systems like – virtual assistants, fully automated self-driving cars, powerful cloud-based AI systems for businesses that feedback meaningful real time data to the organization and more. The result is exponential growth numbers, less spending on IT upgrades, better monitoring of staff and much easier management of large-scale organizations.

What is even more amazing is that AI has started to inject new life into existing casino and betting technologies, an area where previously the use of AI based systems saw very little use. Which goes to show that these technological advancements are indeed a positive force on the face of the world and that we can really benefit from their existence.

With that said, let’s delve in to some details about how these technologies are taking shape for use in casinos.

How are these new technologies empowering casino?

The answer to this is a seemingly long one. AI being used in online casino’s isn’t a new phenomenon. As a matter of fact, a lot of leading casino’s already have been AI based image recognition algorithms for a long time for client monitoring. The advantage of recent AI developments here is that it is helping the casino’s to circumvent around the casino entry ban laws passed by certain governments, especially around the Asian casinos. This not only saves the them the hassle to deal with the issue manually, but also notifies them on any infringement in real time.

Many online casinos too use AIs during gameplay for maintaining fair play practices and implementing anti-cheat measures. This has led to tremendous growth for online based casino’s and as a result more and more players join in everyday for a shot at the jackpots.

Now that is really something, but let’s not forget that casinos are businesses and like every business, it too needs a roadmap for growth along with real time statistics for the future predictions and trends among the gambling community. Luckily, this is also an area where AI is being incredibly helpful and has been providing valuable insights to predict trends and forecast growth in this sector. This doesn’t only help out the businesses but also helps to keep the game going and keeps it fresh for players to get involved in.

Personalized chatbots

Personalized chatbots

AI has also been a tremendous help in setting up online customer relations in the form of personalized chatbots. The advantage here is that any online casino can potentially advertise themselves in different regions and not be limited to any language barriers. This is a key development in for AI in casino as it de-restricts its full potential which is often caused by major barriers like that. Also, it is useful for the customers as well as they don’t need to wait for hours to get support for transactions.

How is AI and machine learning used to promote casinos online

As mentioned earlier, casinos are businesses like any other registered organization. They too need to expand their player base, especially online casino’s where the number of people visiting the site matters an awful lot.

Like any online based company, it is very common for online casinos as well to run targeted ads to increase their audience reach, however, the issue arises when general considerations like – Player Group, Target Audience, Online Trends in gambling are taken into perspective and soon, unplanned execution and haphazard spending can not only cause enormous losses, as well as result in shutting down of the casino altogether.

Luckily for us, there are specialized AIs that are designed to prevent such a calamity and better still, we have ad agencies that can take care of the issue for the most part. It has also been proven to be plenty useful for PPC ads where you can use the AI to provide real time insights to make changes to your ad campaign.

Google AdWords uses AI to provide recommendations for PPC ads

Google AdWords uses AI to provide recommendations for PPC ads

This isn’t just limited to ads and there are plenty more ways for AI to promote online casinos which can include real time comparison of payouts and bonuses from different casinos, promoting exclusive offers and deals, giving out premium memberships at discount rates and so on. They key to a successful campaign is to time it right, have a good agency backing the promotion and having live access to the AI analytics.

Other Noteworthy mentions for AI with Casino based Applications

There is quite a lot happening and quite a lot that can be done with AI when it comes to Casino based applications. Recent developments with AI and deep learning don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon and that only spells good news for potential Online based Casino startups. Let’s discuss a few in brief:

  • Taxes: Due to the immense scale of Casino based operations and the legal taxes charged upon them, it can get quite a handful when it comes to getting the accounting and taxes done. But this is an active area for deep learning and AI technologies to set root and while this might sound a little farfetched, in reality there are plenty of applications for deep learning for getting taxes in order.

    Texans can now file their taxes with an AI chatbot

    Texans can now file their taxes with an AI chatbot

  • AI based Gaming: While AI in gaming isn’t a new thing, it however a relatively new concept for Casino based applications. The biggest pitfall of current gen AI is to tackle the hurdle of complex decisions that the human can make. While it has beaten a lot of AAA titles in PC gaming, it however oddly inefficient when it comes to games that require collaboration and complex thinking like the card game Hanabi and strategies.

    View of a video game from the

    View of a video game from the “eyes” of an AI bot built using OpenAI

  • Countering Fraud: As much as a quick win at the tables manage to amaze us, reality is hardly honest. Making matters worse, online casinos are subject to online threats, which can cause massive losses. For example, online poker bots which play on behalf of the player and can alter the results of a seemingly fair match. Here a counter AI can prove to be immensely helpful and in a quite recent incident, almost 270+ illegal poker bots were detected and shut down.

    An AI-based poker bot

    An AI-based poker bot


Human imagination is the limit when it comes to the uses for AI and related applications. There isn’t an area where it hasn’t shown to be useful and more efficient than its human counterparts. And while AI is definitely eating at the jobs of blue-collar workers, it is also true that it is helping recruit more qualified personnel in the businesses. And with that I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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