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8 most recommended tools to develop Magento e-store smoothly

Doubtlessly, Magento is the uttermost platform to develop an online store. But without any appropriate tool, it is not possible to develop an eCommerce website that has quality features & functionalities. Magento offers several development tools which make your tasks easy while development.


There are many Magento tools available in the market but selection of tools is very important as per your requirements. Choosing right tools is a key to success here. So, I am coming with some most popular Magento tools with full specification as per latest tendencies in the market.

  1. Mage Tool

Controller, development of module, cache-clearing, data re-indexing, etc. are the generic operations while you develop an online store. Mage Tool is the well-liked & in demand Magento development tool that automates such type of common operations. This tool is also responsible for automate multiple repetitive tasks @ the time of development.

  1. Couchcommerce


Mobile-responsiveness is the prerequisite nowadays for building eCommerce websites. Your online store must be optimized for mobile devices if you want desired results. If you already have a Magento online store or eCommerce website that is not mobile-friendly, then Couchcommerce is worthy tool for you.

Couchcommerce converts your website’s desktop version into a mobile-friendly version using web-app technology. Additionally, it uses advance “Sofa SDK technology” that enables your online store with functionalities like third party integration, continuous updates, offline functionalities, etc. Let me remind you guys, the tool is not available for free & also not providing a free trial, but the cost starts with 3000 euros which is quite reasonable.

  1. CommerceBug


CommerceBug is the most unified Magento developer tool that is popular in the market. It is becoming popular because of its code-solving capability. It helps a lot in programming  and managing the system of Magento platform. CommerceBug is the paid toolbar that can be available in about $50. It has fascinating features like complete XML layouts, potential to log the information, etc. You can solve each single bug in programming using this tool.

  1. Mobify


Mobify is the Magento development tool cum a mobile shopping platform. It merges your current e-web store with the mobile one without affecting marketing software.  After integration of Mobify, it can easily extend the capabilities of e-store to the mobile optimized solutions with the use of user management tools. It sets mobile device capabilities into your web store such as payment, touch security, NFC, etc.

  1. Mgt Tool


Mgt Tool is known as an extremely professional tool among all Magento development tools. Many of the professional developers & Magento web development companies use & recommend Mgt tool for development. Why is Mgt too much popular & professional? Here is the reason. Mgt is a highly professional Magento developer toolbar that comes with profiling, handles, database queries, block nesting, event/observer, requests, events/observer overview and caching.

Use this tool to investigate the parse time, memory consumption & query related execution as well. Typically it can be used for enhancing the performance of the entire system.

  1. Magento Debug


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Magento Debug is the modern Magento debugging tool which is based on the Django framework. It is nearly equivalent to the developer toolbar. So, If you are aware of developer toolbar, then you can easily work with Magento Debug. Unlike to other toolbars, this tool comes with multiple look-up. Given tool is developer’s first choice because it is specially used in development debugging process.

  1. EcomDev PHPUnit


Magento is the quite complex platform to build online store with compare to other platforms without unit test suite. Given tool solves this problem right from the beginning. Without changing any core file or brake database, it resolves all the problems and gives desired output. It is having the special features which make unit test & integration test much easier. In addition, it is having features like configuration test, database fixtures and many more.

  1. PHPStorm:


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PHPStorm is the all in one Magento development toolbar that can be used in debugging, profiling and testing your eCommerce website. Debugging process is  damn easier with this tool because PHPStorm uses visual debugger for entire process. It uses Code Coverage feature for pointing out the codes. Profiling can be done using Xdebug in PHPStorm.


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