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Discover the World of Creation by Following the Tips on Photography Techniques

Whether photography is an art or science or both, is a different debate altogether. However, it is better to include it in the forms of creativity that needs both formulae and the imaginative eyes to be applied in order to produce something extraordinary. Yes by the word “produce” it is meant a form of invention too apart from discovery. By capturing a picture, you bring something to the eyes of spectators which perhaps they skipped while viewing the original scenery. At the same time you portray your point of view, rather your perception or perspective, which is an invention too. Perhaps, before you, no one had viewed the same that way. Hence, photography is also a way you vent out, rather express your emotions which you are filled with.

Before making your hobby to take snaps your profession, there are a lot of things you have must in your knowledge. You must know how it really works. There are different streams of photography that have their own individual demands of camera. Each stream has its own photography techniques and basic needs of light and shadow which every photographer should know. After knowing the basics, you may go for the specialization of one particular stream determined by your passion for it. Below are few rules you may follow to take exceptionally good pictures:

  • The crucial thing a photographer must know is about understanding the aperture. Aperture decides the light and shadow of the photography. You need to judge how much light should be let in to make the picture more than perfect.
  • When you are shooting stars or may be the Milky Way, being the first astronomer, you must know about the settings, modes and adjustments of the lights as you are to shoot the most important and interesting part of the universe. You can also have a fascination for shooting the night sky and whenever you get to see a clear sky, you keep staring at it.
  • There is a specific tactics which you may follow while shooting a landscape. You can determine the depth of the sea when capturing the entire view from a mountain top by sitting or standing or by keeping an object on the foreground.
  • The number three creates a magic. Three objects when captured together create an amazing balance if compared to those have 2 or 4 elements or people captured.
  • When you are taking snaps at night, it is always recommended to remove the filters of ultra-violet rays or sunlight. This helps you to get rid of fearful halos fetched from the sources of light in the photo.
  • If you want to shoot something or someone who should be of ultimate importance in the photo, you must give the simple background a thought instead of keeping something that might serve as a distraction from the object of attraction.
  • Polarizing filters restricts the reflection of water or other metals keeping the picture resolution fresh with the perfect colour of sky and the other elements of nature.

Following such photography techniques you can capture some of the brilliant pictures of the world, only you need to have that instinct of creativity inside.

Photography is nothing but a blend of a few binaries, black & white, art & science, the subject & the light, photographer’s discovery & spectator’s perception. To be a good photographer you only need to know the skills to execute your creativity. There are various cameras available in the market. You can quite aptly go for the Samsung NX digital camera to start off with your exploration.


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Jake is an experienced photographer writing about photography techniques he uses. Visit his website Monoimages for more info.

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