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Best Encrypted Chat: Protect Your Data!

The security of personal data has recently become a big problem. In our life, many things need reliable protection and, perhaps, they include personal correspondence. No matter what the creators of Whatsapp, Skype, iMessage say, we all know that our correspondence is stored on remote servers and can be read and transmitted to at any time. Some consider this paranoia. Others, on the contrary, think about this problem and look for ways to solve it.

The messengers listed here are the most secure and private means of communication at the moment. They will be useful for iPhone owners who are afraid of leaking confidential information, as well as for all people who do not want their personal correspondence to be available to the security services or to those with whom the security services can share it for a fee.

Encrypted chat: Choose the best one!


Utopia is a decentralized ecosystem that is based on a peer-to-peer architecture. It does not store user data on its server. Such a method ensures that it is safe from unauthorized persons. Instead, it creates separate servers for each client. As a data encryption method, it uses a high-speed Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES.

Clients can use instant messenger – uMessenger, which transfers encrypted audio and text messages between users. Besides, users can create secret chats that only they can access.

In addition to the messenger, you can use email, an anonymous browser, and an e-wallet.

All functionality is available for use simultaneously, in a single open window, thanks to Hybrid Mode.


The interface of Cryptocat is quite simple and ascetic. The primary purpose of Cryptocat is reliable protection and encryption of incoming and outgoing data. There is no usual registration when the app is first launched. The point is to stay as anonymous as possible.

On the home screen, there are only two fields and a connect button. Come up with a name for the chat, select the desired nickname and click Connect. Chat is ready. Now, you need to invite at least one interlocutor to it. To do this, you should tell the person the name of the chat that they will need to enter when they log in. Another advantage of this approach is that we do not need to be tied to a specific username, you can always choose a different one, even with each new conversation.

As the developers told us, chat data in Cryptocat is processed via the off-the-record Protocol (OTR). After that, it is sent in encrypted form via Jabber/XMPP via the Cryptocat server or any other (you can specify in the settings). OTR is a well-studied Protocol that uses dynamic key exchange, and this, as far as I can tell, is reliable. Besides, there is a function to exit the chat if the app is running in the background.


TigerText is positioned as an application that leaves no traces. It destroys messages not only on users’ smartphones but also on servers. Besides, the program itself has a full and final erase function, after which messages can not be restored even by special means.

TigerText provides encoded transmission of almost all types of content, including images, audio, and video. It does not allow you to copy or forward messages or content to third parties, and also prevents you from taking screenshots. The authors promise an army level of encryption.


Wickr, in addition to directly encrypting messages, automatically deletes all correspondence older than six days, both on mobile devices and servers. In this case, the user can set the period for deleting messages. An additional feature is the ability to permanently delete all application files that were previously deleted, so that they can no longer be restored by software.

You can encrypt almost any content in Wickr – text, photos, audio, and video – except for voice conversations, which the program does not allow you to perform. According to the developers, Wickr uses algorithms similar to those used by the military.

Try to use encrypted chat right now! Change the method of protection of your data!

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