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7 Reasons Why Social Networking Is Good For Our Society

With the advancement of the Internet, the phenomenon of using social networks in everyday lives has somewhat become not just common but also omnipresent. While some use them for fun, killing time and playing games, there are still those who have realized the true potential and power of social networks.


Would you say for yourself that social networks are an inseparable part of your life?  And, do you think you are benefiting from using social networks?

If you have ever wondered why Social Networks and Networking are good for our society, here are some answers for you:

  • Staying in touch

Looking back to maybe not so recent past, one might conclude that twenty years ago it was not so easy to contact friends and relatives living in distant countries. However, today, we are just one click away from communicating with anyone anywhere.

Facebook messenger has replaced letters and the long process of sending and receiving them. Getting updated on the latest news and milestones or insignificant everyday events happens in real time.

Being used worldwide, Facebook counts more than 1.39 billion users, and if you are one of those who do not have Facebook account, you are most definitely a user of some other social network.

  • Social networks as a meeting room

When it comes to doing business, space has stopped being an issue thanks to social networks. All over the world, social networks such as Google+ are being used for virtual meetings, conference calls, and work on joint projects, collaboration, carrying out tasks, and exchanging experiences. Apparently, along with being used for communication, social networks have taken up on another role – doing business online.

  • Being up to date

Information access and information availability are no longer a luxury. Users can obtain any desired information if they know where to look and how to evaluate information sources.

Newspapers are still widely read, however, digital audience uses tablets and mobile device applications in order to access them. Content can be edited and updated at any time, with breaking news being released immediately after the events have occurred. Social networks may be one of first to share the news, long before they reach the covers. In addition, social networks, like Twitter, enable you to follow any source, regardless of it being a person or an institution and to contribute to information sharing yourself.

  • Assistance in teaching

Other than sharing news and staying in touch with our loved ones, social networks have proven to be beneficial in some other areas as well. Learning process, for example has greatly benefited from the existence of social networks. Communities such as those on the WordPress free Blogs or Blogger enable easy blog set ups, which can be use not only by teachers who want and need to share the desired content with their students but by everyone who want to share their knowledge.

In addition, new generations of students would rather use social networks when looking for the information than going through piles of books. Digital natives want to reach their information instantly and to know what to do with the information they have obtained.

  • Social networks in service to the greater good

Scientists, professionals and experts do not have to wait for conferences and seminars in order to reach their colleagues, their precious knowledge and valued opinions. The age of social networks enables people who want their knowledge to be used for greater good to meet and act.

One such network is Water Network. Here, experts in the field of water can reach one another, share opinions and make a difference regarding one of the greatest issues of today – water supply.

  • Business advertising

Newspaper advertising is the thing of the past. If you want to be noticed, go where the concentration and circulation of people is the greatest – Facebook. Even though Facebook profile is not the best solution for presenting business, Facebook page can be your best friend when it comes to advertising activities.

While Twitter is there to promote services and products, build customer relationships and share engaging content, Pinterest will spread the word by using visual content – still one of the greatest influences on human kind.

  • Marketing yourself  

Whether you are looking for a job, or you are looking for an employee, the presentation of yourself and your company must look perfect. Social networks can definitely take care of that.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest and most famous professional social network for marketing yourself professionally and for strengthening your networking connections.

Make sure you update your profile even if you are not job hunting since it is your personal advertisement and means to being noticed, desired, needed, and sought-after.

A conclusion that can be quite easily reached is that social networks are evolving together with the area where they can be applied. Sky is the limit to what can be accomplished. Although there are still some people who might not see the benefits that social networks bring, taking another good look could lead to realisation that these have well scratched the surface of our daily lives and that knowing how to use them can significantly improve the way we communicate, do business, study, inform ourselves and help others.


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