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Applying a Screen Protector in 10 Easy Steps: A How-To Guide

Applying a screen protector is not as daunting as it may seem. It can be done quickly, safely, and accurately with the right tools and instructions.

Today, we will guide you step-by-step on how to apply a privacy screen protector without damaging your device.

  • Gather the Necessary Materials

To successfully apply your screen protector, all you will need are the following materials: a lint-free cloth or alcohol wipe and your new screen protector.

  • Remove Dust from the Device

Start by removing any dust particles from your device using your lint-free cloth or alcohol wipe. You want to make sure that no dust remains on the surface before applying the screen protector.

  • Peel Back Adhesive

Once your device is clean and dry, peel back the adhesive backing of your screen protector slightly and align it with one side of your phone’s display. Do not remove the entire adhesive backing yet as it’s best to apply it section by section.

  • Press Edges

Using one hand or two, if needed, press the edges of the privacy screen protector firmly onto the display until there are no air bubbles remaining on either side of the device.

  • Smooth Out Bubbles

If air bubbles appear after pressing down one edge of the protector, carefully push them out towards an unfilled corner using your fingernail or a plastic card such as a credit card. Repeat this process until all of the air bubbles have been removed from both sides of your device.

  • Trim Excess Screen Protector

You may find that some excess material needs to be cut away around where buttons are present on your device. This can be done carefully with a pair of scissors without damaging either the button or its function.

  • Reattach Remaining Adhesive

Once you’ve trimmed any extra material away from around buttons or features, reattach any remaining adhesive backing onto both sides of your phone’s display and press down firmly until all air bubbles have been eliminated.

  • Clean Device Again

Use another lint-free cloth or alcohol wipe to make sure that no dust particles remain on either side of your phone before use.

  • Test Buttons and Features

Before fully enjoying an uninterrupted user experience with our newly protected device, do a quick test run by pressing each button and feature multiple times to ensure that they are still working properly before use each time in order to avoid unexpected surprises later on.

  • Enjoy

Now that everything has been properly applied and tested for functionality, go ahead and enjoy using your newly protected gadget worry-free.


Applying a privacy screen protector that you can buy from online stores that sell protectors may seem daunting at first, but with these steps, you can easily protect your device without damaging it in any way.

With just a few materials and careful attention to detail, you will soon be enjoying an uninterrupted user experience without worrying about scratches or dirt affecting its performance quality in any way.

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