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Ways Technology is Changing the Gaming Industry

Technology is changing continuously and ways we do different things in day to day life are transformed too. Gaming is one of the areas that are continually being changed by the latest technology. Whether it is a console, video games or online casino gaming, advanced technology ensures an extremely authentic and impressive experience for the gamers. There are so many aspects that have contributed to this prodigious growth in the gaming industry.

In this article, we have discussed the emerging tech trends which completely paving the way for the gaming industry.

On-Demand Gaming

Thanks to the latest mobile technology and high-speed internet, we are able to access and play plenty of games quickly and easily. Almost all the age-old games are digitalized these days and easily available on the web that we can play right after a few taps or clicks on the screen. Games like rummy and chess are now available on the internet and we can access and play anywhere, anytime. Even, we can connect these games with our social media profiles to sync all the settings across different devices in real-time to start with a game without losing rewards, credits or coins. Plenty of ways can be used by gamers to gratify the thirst for gaming. Moreover, we can access and play games online according to different aspects like location, interests and time, etc. For instance, if you are a New Zealand citizen and love to play casino games, you can easily find online casinos in New Zealand via Google search to play and win without wasting time and money. The rise of on-demand gaming has made it possible for everyone to play his/her favorite games online by using different mobile devices.

Mobile Gaming

A few years ago, mobile phones just were used to make and receive telephone calls. Nowadays, smartphones are designed and programmed to do a lot of things for us and gaming is one of them. Gaming companies are now focusing on comfy gameplay and develop games specially for mobile devices. Today’s mobile phone has replaced the gaming console as the go-to gaming device for game lovers. Now they can play their favorite games on smartphones and tablets even while on the go. All the giant gaming companies are developing games tailored for the mobile audience and revenues generated from the mobile games are far exceeded as compared to traditional gaming. Google Play Store and Apple AppStore are loaded with a variety of free and paid games that one can install as per individual gaming interests.

Augmented Reality

Integration of the real-life effects and feelings into the gaming has totally changed the industry, thanks to the AR. Augmented reality provides gamers a totally new and exciting experience to the gamers. Things they can see and sounds they hear after wearing an AR headset compactly transform a living room into the gaming zone. Pokemon Go is the perfect example of AI and AR integration into the gaming industry. AR scans the surroundings of a player by using the camera of a mobile device, and AI seamlessly incorporates the scanned things into your game thereby making your place an exciting game zone.

Intuitive Graphics

Games and graphics go side by side. A game with clearer and realistic graphics is always played by more gamers because graphics can make or break the overall gaming experience. You can consider PubG as an example of intuitive graphics as it has millions of players all around the globe. The latest technology helps gamers to get rid of the eye-paining and poor-quality graphics to enjoy their favorite games endlessly. All the games developed these days, come with intuitive and realistic graphics. 3D technology brings gamers closer to the actions and provides them an excellent gaming experience.


You are right, blockchain is the latest technology mostly used in the financial industry. There is nothing wrong to say that increasing growth in the popularity of blockchain has also affected the gaming industry just like AI and VR etc. Smart use of blockchain technology makes in-game rewards and payments easier and efficient. Gamers can easily obtain or buy rewards for their favorite games without facing troubles.

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