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How to schedule tasks with Bordio and not go crazy

A lot of tasks arise daily and many people use various methods in order not to forget about them. Everyone has a different way of scheduling and managing time and tasks. Someone writes down a to-do list on paper, someone in a notebook, outlook, or uses different services. But what could be better than a simple and effective free daily planner Bordio?

Tasks creation

You can create tasks in Bordio, leave them on the waiting list or assign them to a specific day. For convenience, you can assign different colors and due dates to them. At the bottom of the card of each task, you will see how much time is left until the required completion of the task based on your due date.

Each task has a detailed page where you can edit it, leave a description, and even add time blocks. The last function can be especially useful if you have a large task that needs to be completed over several days.

Waiting list

Imagine a situation where you have an idea, but you still don’t know exactly when to implement it. A waiting list is like a backlog of your project where you can put such tasks. And when you decide on the date or decide that it is time to complete some of the tasks, you can immediately drag the card to a specific day with one movement of your finger.


You can create events in Bordio with the following information

  • date
  • time
  • place
  • notes
  • reminder

A reminder can be set both in five minutes and in a day. If you have an event (for example, a meeting) that repeats with the same frequency, you can set it to repeat. Then you don’t have to set this event manually every time.

Task statuses

A task can have the following statuses:

  • New task – the task is on the waiting list.
  • Scheduled – you have set a task for a certain day, but have not done it yet.
  • In progress – you can set this status when you have started the execution.
  • Completed – the task is completed, hooray! In this case, the card with the task becomes gray and the text on it is crossed out. With this visualization, it becomes much easier to understand how successful you are in completing your tasks.

Ease of use

The workspace in Bordio can be divided into separate projects. For example, you can create a separate space for “Work” and “Family”, or create a separate board for each work project. Then the tasks you create will be saved on the board you selected. At the same time, keep in mind that events that are created for individual projects will still be displayed in “My Workspace” – this is done so that you can see all upcoming events in one place.

But you can also keep all your tasks in one workspace. Then you do not need to switch between tabs at all – everything will be in front of your eyes. To reschedule a task from today to another day, you simply drag it with your finger.

You can also move tasks by drag-and-drop, as a result, you will have a step-by-step plan for any day. Many people set the most difficult tasks first to complete them in the morning, and leave the easier ones for later – with Bordio you can rank them in order of priority or time. It’s incredibly convenient!

At the top of each day, there is the total time of all the activities of the chosen date. Thus, you will know your load for each day and will understand if you have time to set any other task, or if it is better to try to unload the schedule and relax.

Bordio is available for both computers and smartphones.

In summary

Good planning is an essential part of our lives. Whether it’s an apartment renovation, a birthday party, or a project at work, it is always important to have a clear workflow structure for the successful implementation of any event. That is why a task manager is an indispensable tool for planning. And with Bordio the process will be much easier!

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