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How to Evaluate Your New Home’s Security

You searched hard for your dream house. And finally, you have found the one!

But wait! Before you pack everything up and move to your new home, have you thoroughly checked for the most important thing – the security of your new abode?

Nothing is more important in this world than your family. Everyone strives hard to protect their loved ones and their hard-earned assets as much as possible. Thus, security is one thing that should be on top of your mind while moving to your new home.

When you are ready to seal the deal, check the vulnerabilities and condition of all the available security arrangements.  With this review, you will be able to discover potential threats and devise steps to curb them. Here, we are listing important security components to help you decide that which parts of the system demand your attention.

  1. Video Surveillance

Well-placed security cameras act as a visual warning for the intruders and burglars to ‘stay away from this property’! Thus, it is pertinent to know about the areas which require video surveillance the most and put all such places under a constant watch.

Some of these are doorways, parking area, windows, backyard, and staircase areas. Surveillance system will keep a 24*7 check on these vulnerable and threat-prone sites. Moreover, if you have enabled the remote access feature, then you can get instant updates in case of any suspicious activity.

  1. Smart Lights

In the dark, the chances of falling prey to any undesirable or criminal activity are brighter. On the other side, when you choose to install abundant lights in the poor lit areas, the chances of theft are minimized to a great extent.

Walkways, garage, and windows are the main areas which require adequate lighting. Here’s a pro tip for you – schedule the timer for the lights to go on and off, leaving an impression that ‘somebody is in there’! This kind of visual warning will definitely ward off the intruders and never let them use the dark to their advantage.

  1. Window and Glass Sensors

The dark secret of all the burglars and intruders out there is that windows and open doors are like a goldmine for them. According to a study, about 42% of the trespassers entered any home through open doors or windows.

Therefore, it is advised to check and test the locks at every possible entry point. For enhanced security, consider installing door and window sensors. These specialized sensors notify the user when a door or window is opened.  If you want to step up the security game, then, go for glass break sensors. Moreover, by enabling instant updates, every situation can be handled at the earliest possible time.

  1. Environmental Hazard Monitoring

Always stay prepared for the unfortunate events like fire, floods, high carbon monoxide levels, etc. Keep proper equipment in place to detect the said issues. Top devices that you can get benefited by are smoke indicators, water leak sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, low-temperature sensors, and alike.

If you have already installed these devices, then, do not forget to keep a regular maintenance check on each one of them. Change the batteries before they drain out, check whether the alarms are functioning properly, and more.

  1. Smart Locks

Doors are the favorite of every infiltrator. A faulty deadbolt could be the reason of a hefty burglary, resulting in loss of all your hard-earned assets. When the stats show that 30% of the thieves enter through the front door, the reasons to install smart locks become all more evident.

By installing a smart lock, the user can keep a check on all the entries and exits; can lock or unlock the doors through remote access, and restrict unauthorized access.

When you are not sure that which of the above mentioned components you need, then, you can always get some help from a reliable security consultant/vendor. These professionals can help you with the security analysis, and installation or upgrade of your present security equipment.


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Ted Yu is a gadget wizard, an active blogger, and an eminent speaker. With more than 10 years of experience to his credit, Ted has always been a pertinent contributor to the security industry. He is closely associated with Revo America, a well-renowned security products manufacturer and retailer. Needless to say, he boasts for paramount and credible products only, with Revo’s being his favorite.

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