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5 reasons you should get a smart car

Have you reached that moment where you have to change your car? Is an upgrade quickly becoming necessary? The truth is, cars are getting cheaper as the competition is getting more intense. Getting a brand new car might feel great, but it’s not the best business decision you can make. Due to the immediate effects of depreciation, you will lose thousands of dollars on that shiny new car as soon as you drive it off the lot.

Technology is making our lives easier every day, this is why manufacturers are still striving to make better and newer cars. Some manufacturers have a different goal in mind though, they want to make cars smarter as well. These cars have some special qualities that make them much safer and efficient compared to their “normal” counterparts.

So let’s talk about your options. Have you considered a car with smart technology? Earlier this year I was looking for a new (used) car. I was offered the option of buying a car with smart technology, but I honestly didn’t even know what to say at the time. After this encounter, I decided that I had to conduct some serious research on the matter. I came to the conclusion that buying a smart car was probably the best decision I could make. I was so convinced, I decided i should share my top 5 reasons why getting a smart car might be the smartest financial investment you ever made.

You Will Feel Safer

Safety has really been an issue when it comes to cars in general, and smart cars are tackling the problem head on. These solutions may include (but are not limited to) sensors, high resolution cameras, onboard computers, etc. These upgrades have helped the cars become much more autonomous.

Most smart cars have something called Adaptive Cruise Control which basically monitors the vehicle and its surroundings. It has the ability of adjusting your speed so you can be at a safe distance from the cars ahead. This happens automatically so you can just kick back, relax and let the car do its thing.

Enhanced security

The security systems on smart cars are constantly being upgraded as well. Now, you can find vehicles with fingerprint locks, eye-scanners and voice and facial recognition software as well. These have been a great upgrade from the existing security systems that we have on the market. Another great element that is being introduced are integrated seat sensors that measure heart rate in order to monitor the health status and fatigue levels of the driver.

Biometrics are also aiming to personalize the driver’s experience. When a specific driver is recognized, special settings are activated such as temperature, seat positions or entertainment settings.

Taking Entertainment To Another Level

Have you heard of Infotainment? It’s a new revolutionary form entertainment, which is promising to deliver a unique experience to drivers and passengers alike. The idea of Infotainment is to support all the communications a car and a person might have, this includes but is not limited to tablets, sensors, cameras, smartphones, automated driver assistance systems, etc.

In today’s technological world, you can connect your smartphone to the visual display of your car. This gives the driver (and passengers) the power to operate most of the apps they normally use.

Google, with its Android Auto app and Apple with its CarPlay app are creating an experience for drivers that will allow them to safely use the dashboard to check basic information like traffic, the weather, simple internet browsing and music. Brands, such as Hyundai, with their BlueLink App ,are also striving to make the ‘smart’ experience more accessible to drivers.

Allows you to see in the dark

We’ve all come across those dimly lit roads where we have to go very slow and be afraid of hitting or not seeing something. Thankfully, Smart car manufacturers are also starting to add advanced night vision technology to their vehicles. They can detect people, animals or objects that we normally wouldn’t see in the dark. When the system detects something, an alarm will sound so the driver will know.

Lower insurance fees

Due to all the features mentioned above, the overall risk of smart cars seems a lot smaller than traditional cars. This means insurance fees for these types of cars are lower, which will translate into significant savings in the long run.

Most of the technology I mentioned is still under ongoing development. The technology is constantly being improved but it still isn’t considered “common”. Nevertheless, if you find a smart car that grabs your attention, make sure you take a good look at it. Test drive the car, take it to a mechanic to see what he thinks and don’t forget to compare prices!

Note that a smart car is an upgrade from a regular car in terms of your safety and security. It will also translate into lower insurance costs and a great short term investment!

So what is your stance on smart car technology? Would you consider buying one? Let us know in the comment section below!

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