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New Casino Game that Caters to eSports Players

Esports has taken the world by storm, it’s not just a passing craze or hyped up fad, it seems to be the future of online gaming. Esports is able to connect players from all corners of the globe in real time, creating an unbelievable spectacle currently watched by hundreds of thousands of eager fans chomping at the bit. Originally created for multiplayer console or PC users, Esports has managed to wiggle its way into the online casino market. Let’s find out how.

Casino Esports Conference

CEC (Casino Esports Conference) is the first of its kind, breaking the mould of the conventional and ushering in what can be called nothing other than the future. Executives of the CEC have made their purpose clear; the customers of tomorrow seek something far more different than their predecessors. Having grown up and become accustomed to state-of-the-art technology which allows players to immerse themselves almost completely into this virtual environment, their expectations are getting ever higher. CEC says that is what they plan to do, constant innovation and perfection is the goal, growing the casino Esports industry is key to connecting with the younger generation, who by all accounts are a fussy bunch and not easily pleased by mediocre technology.

CEC is the brainchild of the Fox brothers, they founded Fox Marketing in 1998 and since then have parented Gameacon, GameaconX and now Casino Esports Conference, and this is due to the fact that the market has witnessed a stagnation of slot machine playing and an increase in skill-based games. Skill based games have often been thought to be geared towards the younger generation but studies by various individual statistic companies indicate the average skill based gamer to be between 25 and 50 years old, debunking the theory that gaming is specifically for the younger crowd, which has only reinforced belief that these different genres of gaming can come together as a happy family.

In CEC’s own words they had this to say, “We must give visitors a reason to get excited about coming back again and again. We see the offering of Esports, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Table games and new forms of entertainment to be the answer to drawing today’s customers without alienating a casino’s current base demographic”.

The integration of Esports and casinos are relatively new, with Las Vegas being the first to implement this type of gaming. The UK is also trying out the eSports gambling market. The difference being, Esports games are skill based as opposed to the pure luck of say, a slot machine game like Mega Moolah, where a random number generator is dictates the wins. How does it work? Great information here. With this collaboration it is clear to see that this is a brilliant way of amalgamating the young and old under one roof, therefore increasing revenue in both sectors.

Esports attract the younger generations and has shown its viability, current statistics indicate an ever-increasing rise in competitors and viewers alike. At the international Dota 2 championships in 2017, which is a live Esports competition the prize pool was close to $35 million, an even larger sum than that of the world-renowned PGA golfing championship.

New Games

As of right now, only Nevada and New Jersey have specialized skill gaming regulations, with Maryland already offering this under regulation.

The newest game so far is “Cannonbeards Treasure and Gamblit Poker”, with 18 more set to hit the casino floors in the coming weeks.

For online casinos, the latest creation from Betsoft, Max Quest: Wrath if Ra, is set to revolutionize the industry. The game runs like a first-person shooter with amazing graphics but you can bet on your avatar and buy weapons. This is the first step of combining eSports type skill-based games with online casino gambling.

Fortune Cup is an electronic horse racing game taking up the space once dedicated to slots and a welcome addition of nostalgia, as the first ever bets were on horse racing in the early 1900’s.

Gamblit Gaming has also let rumours out that they will be introducing “Pac Man Battle”, and if that doesn’t draw the millennials in, you can be sure that with the current craze, game developers worldwide are holed up in their thinking tanks with their best minds trying to figure out what’s next.

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