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What All Can You Do Using InVideo?

InVideo is a smart application that is used by everyone for creating any video very easily and quickly. There isn’t any rocket science in it, so you don’t need to take any stress for making quality videos. It offers two options when you start any new project of making a video the first is storytelling video and the second is a quick video and hence; you can choose a type of video you want to make. Nowadays, nobody has the patience and time to read long engaging texts, so we have software that allows you to tell a story through fascinating videos- that’s what makes InVideo the best free video editing software out there.

What all you can do using InVideo

InVideo helps to create attractive, high-quality videos that you can use for numerous purposes. Now let’s discuss how you can utilize it well to produce high-quality video and how can you use InVideo’s best free video editing software application further features properly:

  • You can make an interesting and engaging video by using InVideo’s video editor, which is quite easy to use. So for that, you have to open a page of the library in which various types of templates and formats are available then select templates according to the concept of your video.
  • After selecting the format and a template just move on to the script page of InVideo in which you can enter text if you want to or you can also copy the link if you want to utilize it for your blogs.
  • As we have already mentioned above, InVideo is the best free video editing software when it comes to the repetition of lines in your script as it will recognize the duplicate lines by itself and remove it.
  • Now that you have prepared your video’s script, InVideo app will give you a framework of the video you want to produce that you can alter immediately if needed.
  • With the help of the framework of the InVideo tool, you can remove unwanted scenes from your video and you can also keep those scenes which you think are important and not added in the video yet!
  • InVideo application also offers images, audio or videos in the library which you can put in your video to make it more attractive and so that your audience will get engaged with your unique video content. In addition to it, you can preview every scene of your video so that you will know what’s in it in your video? And also you can finalize as well as share it with your audience after previewing the video!
  • InVideo tool also offers you advanced settings in which you can add several things such as stickers, animations, logos, social components, attention-grabbing icons, and so on.
  • After all this, you can add the preferred voice in your video, which is a great technique to get a personal touch with your potential clients through your explainer video by InVideo application.

InVideo Customers Support System

This fantastic application of InVideo is getting more traffic day by day as it is improving and updating its features with an increase in the percentage of visitors.

Hence, there is no chance to get any disappointment from this amazing tool!

But, in case there is any issue you face in the InVideo application, then the support system of this tool is available to assist you 24/7 hours. You can also convey your issues through Facebook. But most of the time, you will not face any kind of issue as it keeps on updating itself and adds new features in its application for your assistance.

Free trial

Most people do not trust any application easily. So in order to prove the authenticity of InVideo application being the best free video editing software, know that it allows you to make a 2-minute video for free but as it is a free trial, the video will have the InVideo tool logo. After testing it, you can buy its premium plans according to your business needs. Once you have purchased the premium plan of InVideo, you can remove the logo of InVideo and can add your business logo in the video.

Where can I post/upload explainer videos?

Now that you have created an attractive explainer video using InVideo app, you need to post it on those platforms from where you can get huge traffic so that people will see and enjoy your video and then after watching it they can purchase our product as well.

Here some platforms where you need to upload to get huge traffic:

  • Social media pages

You know that very well social media platforms have a huge network and so it is a great place to start from! Especially, platforms like Instagram has a huge surge in engagement. Use InVideo’s Instagram video creator and make your social media videos.

  • Website page

If you have uploaded your explainer video on almost every platform except your website, then you are missing something very important because your website is an active place where your potential clients usually visit. So, it’s a great platform to post your video on and convert your targeted clients into smart sales.

  • Events and meetings

It is not mandatory to only present your explainer video online. So, you can also use your explainer video to give presentations or to introduce your business to your targeted audience. It’s a great way to introduce your business to the market.


Now that you know about every feature of InVideo app and its offers, you can enjoy the services by increasing the volume of conversions in your business.

It will assist you in producing unique and attractive videos that will make your potential clients buy your products right after they’ll see your video. Therefore, it’s going to be so useful for you and also it’ll be worth your money!

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