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Best 12 Tips on How to become a more Creative Graphic Designer

A creative designer uses his/her imagination and original ideas to create visual concepts by using a software in his computer or by hand is known as a Graphic Designer. A design is composed of images, art, typography and motion graphics.

Key roles of a Graphic Designer

The firm that hires graphic designers expects them to contribute to the design ideas and its execution. They create enormous designs and concepts for advertising electronic media, logos, prints etc. They also play a role in typesetting, user-interface, web design and illustration.

Graphic designers can work as individual agencies, who take up designing projects from different firms.

Also many marketing and multinational companies Click here to check out more about graphic designers to work as a designated designer and are offered a decent pay scale.

The scope for graphic designers is increasingly in demand in current times as the branding and digital marketing plays a major role in a company’s turnover. Skill development and upgrading their technical knowledge is much required to address the current trends.

How to become a more creative Graphic Designer?

Creativity is never used up, the more you use it the more it develops. For any craft to attain its perfection, it needs practice and perseverance. The possibilities for a Graphic Designer to portray his creativity is limitless. The creative gradient is definitely an important factor to hire a graphic designer.

1. Observation and understanding

A designer has the potential to see the simple things differently than how a common person sees it. Keen observation is required to understand the intricate design and imply it creatively.

A thorough understanding of the client requirements is necessary. This can be achieved by doing complete company research like what the company offers to the public, its work domain, target audience, its credibility etc.

2. Get inspired by things around you

We can derive inspiration from any small thing that interests us. Whenever you come across certain things, you can simply archive it. Make a label for each of them and organise them accordingly. You can use it later for your related projects. The advantage of doing this is, you are being Original. While a firm hires a graphic designer, presenting creative work samples can definitely fetch some brownie points.

3. Enrich your information

The Internet is flooded with information in the form of blogs, vlogs, articles, research studies and so on.

Reading has always enriched our knowledge and played a story of imagination. You can always create an interesting blog to display your creativity to inspire fellow people and also vice versa works great.

4. Archive relevant photographs

A well clicked photograph of any structure, nature or patterns can serve as a reference to your work. As it displays colours, contrast, combination of various elements can give you better imagination while designing logos, or designs. You can save online or offline photographs that you find interesting.

5. Make portfolios

When the company or firms hire a graphic designer ,the most important requirement is a well made portfolio. Make an organised data of all your sample work to share it with potential clients. This creates rapport with clients and insights.

6. Networking

Always keep in touch with other designers and contemporaries. There are a lot of conferences, workshops, business events and collaborations that happen in all firms. Make sure to attend these events as there is a lot of knowledge sharing and exposure to newer technologies. It can also help you to develop leads for your business or may increase the possibility to hire graphic designers into the company.

7. Set Realistic goals

Sometimes the graphic designer may not be able to execute his/her designs in a certain way he/she had planned for. This could be due to restrictions like client budget, lack of technology etc. So it is important to study the clients expectations and set realistic goals.

8. Less is more

The design must be self-explanatory. Do not include too many texts or descriptions. It could be confusing to the client. The may also divert the person from the prime content and leads to loss of information.

For example, display of food in eatery firms, buildings in architectural firms etc.

9. Blend of ideas

You can incorporate multiple ideas in a single display. Make it crisp and clear without overdoing it. This could be a challenging task to execute. “Everything you can imagine, is Real”, as quoted by Pablo Picasso holds true for all those working in the field of creativity and innovation.

10. Make a statement

Let your statement make a mark and lead to imagination. The description should deliver genuine information and be relatable. Make it interesting and in harmony with the design. Once you complete your design, take feedback from a friend or a non technical person . This is helpful to obtain a fresh eye perspective.

11. Update yourself

With the fast growing technology it becomes difficult to catch up with all the developments. It is important to be aware of changing trends. Many digital platforms offer a number of study tutorials, courses which can be availed. Few courses are even provided for free or at quite affordable cost. It makes way to learn new concepts and use different tools. It is always recommended to learn from relevant sources. It also adds to your portfolio and enhances your skills. Once a company hires a graphic designer, they are provided with training sessions if there is a need.

12. Explore

When you are curious to explore new things it gives multiple perspectives of one thing. Travelling to new places, visiting new monuments and witnessing new cultures can provide you with three-dimensional visual understanding to convert it digitally.

In addition, try to visit more exhibitions, art galleries, craft workshops that may all boost your creative side.

Additionally, few skills like good interpersonal skills, communication skills, knowledge of software, ability to complete the work within deadlines are required to hire graphic designer. It also requires being self-motivated and inspiring other fellow members. Digital marketing cannot be imagined without a Graphic Designer. Hence, it offers a great working opportunity and has a brilliant future for innovation and creativity.

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