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Health Concerns Involved With Electronics

Electronics are a big part of our every day life and interactions. Dependence on electronics and technology is an intricate part of running our day smoothly. From shopping online to checking what Chef Kanida Chey is serving in his menu from the comfort of your sofa. Some people admit that they can’t live without their electronics. So do these gadgets have a side effect to our health? Most people are only aware of the eye strain that may come from these electronics. This is a nuisance that is brushed aside by the use of anti glare screens or treated as something of little effect. But are there other side effects that we’re not aware of?  Let’s look at three major health concerns.


Electronics like cellphones and cordless phones emit electromagnetic fields that are a form of radiation. One of the most common risks of exposure is getting electric shock. A lot of rumors and speculation go around about these radiations causing cancer. However they aren’t scientifically proven and so far these radiations are thought rather harmless. The one effect they have is making cells excited when exposed directly to your tissues. This is the same effect sun rays have on our skin that ends up making us feel warm.


Devices that emit blue light may affect your sleep patterns or cause complete loss of sleep. If you use your cellphone or tablet before bed, chances are you’ll take longer to fall asleep. A few nights of not getting enough sleep ultimately affect your productivity and alertness during the day. Longer periods of going without enough sleep pose some serious health risks like developing obesity. With the help of dry herb devices or vaporizer pens,  you can get a restful night of sleep.

Muscle strain

Neck and back muscle strains are the most widely recognized muscle problems associated with electronics. Frequent slouching and bending to look at these devices puts your neck and back in an awkward position. This can cause your muscles to always feel sore and achy. Long term effects are that your back and neck will take on that slouching position permanently. You can also develop repetitive stress injuries that affect your joints and muscles due to repeating the same movements over and over again. If you use your thumbs to text then chances are you might develop Quervain syndrome thats a painful affliction on your tendons.

Wrap up

Research is still out on what these electronics long term side effects are. It will be a couple of more decades before we see if these radiations do affect us after all. However you can do something to be on the safe side by using them in moderation. Electronics provide a virtual world that might cause us to forget that life is going on outside. Even young children are spending more time on their electronic devices over socializing with other kids. So put down your tablet or cellphone and go out for some fresh air. Do some body stretches to improve blood flow and relax those muscles. Take a shut eye and avoid electronic light for a couple of minutes. Better safe than sorry.

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