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7 unusual facts about Twitter


Launched back in 2006, Twitter is one of the biggest American microblogging and social media platforms. According to, it has more than 206-million user accounts!

But, hey, don’t equate this to active users. You will find inactive Twitter followers on most of the celebrity accounts, such as that of Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. Not that we suggest these are fake or bots.

It is simply to clarify that Twitter might have a lesser percentage of active users than we think it does. Nonetheless, the platform does burst with amazing information every second. And, although Twitter might not hold the throne for popularity, it has an interesting and unusual history to ponder upon! It’s an excellent opportunity to use this network for individual benefit, becoming a recognizable and influential person, especially if you have a vast audience. But if not, you can always buy Twitter followers instantly and enjoy your perfect online image.

Here are the 7-unusual facts about Twitter!

Larry, the Blue Bird

Everyone recognizes Twitter by its little blue, iconic bird. But did you know it has a name?

Although Twitter started back in 2006, people did not know much about the little bird that represented the platform.

In February 2012, Ryan Sarver (Twitter’s product manager) broke the silence by introducing everyone to Larry, the bluebird. Later, Douglas Bowman (logo designer) confirmed that the inspiration behind Larry was a mountain bird.

There also goes a rumor that Larry got its name after the Boston Celtic player, Larry Bird.

Twitch before Twitter?

The team behind Twitter went through a rollercoaster ride trying to decide on the name of the platform. After turning down the name Jitter, the team settled down for Twitch.

It means both Twitter and the famous game streaming platform Twitch would have had the same name. However, the name did not properly define the platform.

Finally, a team member came up with Twitter, as it meant a short burst of information. The team thought it to be perfect!

The First Tweet of History

Did you know what the first tweet on Twitter was?

Well, at 9:50 pm on 31st March 2006, Jack Dorsey (Twitter co-founder) became the first individual to post on Twitter. His tweet was similar to something like ‘just setting up Twttr’.

The vowels were intentionally removed to follow the trend of the 2000s.

Space Tweets!

If you previously thought tweeting from outer space wasn’t possible, then you have been highly mistaken. On January 22 of 2010, an astronaut tweeted live from the International Space Station. His name is Timothy Creamer, and his tweet has been ‘Hello, Twitterverse’.

The King of Twitter

Although Barack Obama has the most followers on Twitter, it is Yusaku Maezawa who holds the throne. The Japanese billionaire became the most retweeted person on January 5 of 2019. He promised a reward of one million yen to a hundred random people who retweeted his message.

Ellen’s Iconic Selfie

In March 2014, the famous comedian Ellen DeGeneres captured and posted the most iconic selfie in the history of Twitter. She took the picture at the Oscars, along with several popular celebrities. Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lawrence, and Bradley Cooper were also present in the selfie. The image gained thousands of likes and retweets in a short span.

Cover Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

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