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How To Register Your Custom .OOO (DotTripleO) FREE Domain Name?

Often while building a new website, users get confused about how to buy a website domain. Which are the websites that offer free domain name registration service and are the best one? To create and host any website you need buy a website domain name. It is the physical address of your website such that people will find you on the web.

In the article, you get all your answers and be able to understand how can you buy a free website domain and get the hosting services with ease. Let’s start with the basics and understand what is the domain name and how do they work.

Domain Name Definition

The domain name is the web address of the website that is linked with an IP. When people type your domain name, then the browser redirects them to the web page. Virtually it can be thought as the residence of your website.

It is the address where your customers come to visit your website or blog. A domain name looks like “” Typing this in the browser actually gets transferred to a translated number such as

Remembering numbers would be difficult so Domain Names were born.

How Do Domain Names work?

Domain Names are managed by Domain Name Servers (DNS).

A DNS is the Internet phone book of the domain names, they maintain the directory of Domain Names and translate it into IP Address.

When you request for a website from your browser like then your Internet Service Provider (ISP) looks for DNS associated with the Domain Name, translates it into an IP address. The IP is then redirected to your Internet Connection.

When to Buy A Domain Name?

The Internet is the house of 330.6 million domain names and currently, there are 134 million domain names registered only in the .com domain

This means there is a very less possibility of the finding the desired name that you want. Domain names have become cheap and thus it has become easy to buy one.

If you are thinking to start a blog or a website of your business then this is the right time, you should buy a domain name right away.

Where To Buy A Free Domain Name? Step-By-Step Guide

You will find several websites on the Internet where you can buy free domain names. In the list of free domain name providers, Freenom ranked at number 1. Recently a website called BUY.OOO came into the market. This website is providing .OOO domains for free / year.

I looked up the website and found that a user can register its first domain name for free using a coupon code. The website also gives domain hosting and other add-ons along with the domain name.

* Note- the website only gives the First Domain free.

Step 1

Type in the browser and reach to the website.

Step 2

Now you will land on the homepage of BUY.OOO. In the search box type the name of your website domain that you want to buy and check for availability.

Step 3

Once the domain name is available, proceed to buy it. Select the name of your website and head towards the checkout page. While heading towards the checkout page you will get the pop-up to select the number of accounts you want with the website.

Select the number of email accounts you want to associate with the domain name and proceed further.

Step 4

Now you will be in your Shopping cart where you will have to apply the coupon to avail the domain name for free. The coupon code is “GETOOO”

After applying the coupon to create an account on BUY.OOO. For this click on Create an account in 10 Seconds button.

Step 5

The button will redirect you to a form. Fill up your details such as Name, Company Name, Email, Address, City, Pin Code, State, Country, Mobile Number, and Password. Agree to the terms and conditions and then click on create an account.

Step 6

Once you have created the account, confirm the order. After confirmation, you will be redirected to the Control Panel where you can manage all the orders.

* Note- Do confirm your account via email otherwise you will not be able to able to use the domain name.

Congratulation, you have successfully did your free domain registration on BUY.OOO and now you can start with the hosting. If you liked the guide then write to me in the comment section below. Thank you!

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