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Life of a not-so-tech-savvy-user

It’s funny how a lot of people even in this era aren’t tech savvy. Before going ahead, let us give you an idea what exactly does the term being ‘tech savvy’ means. A person who has enough skill, knowledge, experience, expertise etc. to fulfill a certain task in the given time. He or she has adequate gear to do that is rare and protect it with the needed security. He or she isn’t afraid of the threats emerging from the hackers, snoopers, intruders, prying eyes and more. In fact, some of these tech savvy people are so good in what they do, they in fact in time convert into professional hackers which is unethical in every aspect.

The basics of a non-tech-savvy user

A not so tech-savvy person isn’t bothered about the security of his/her data in most of the cases. Whether confidential or not, less or no efforts are made into hiding things that are supposed to be hidden. The end result of such category of users is not good and usually only after some regret does one become a tech savvy user. Since we all learn with experience, it is injected in our genes to learn from our mistake and to be better prepared than before.

Connecting any available internet device

No matter what the urge is, how terribly you need the connection, how many friends are waiting for you to respond on WhatsApp, try not involving your device to these public Wi-Fi connections as they’re not worth it. The person you want to communicate can wait a few more hours without a doubt. Surely, it is better to make the other person wait a little bit more as compared getting things done quicker with whatever resources available (Public Wi-Fi) and eventually losing the private stuff to the prying eyes. Since anyone can enter these PUBLIC devices, your identity can be easily leaked along with other important stuff.

Not using an anti-virus

To say the time of using an anti-virus is over is a false statement. No doubt a decade has passed to the emergence of anti-viruses but even today, there is a dire need of a tool that not wholly but even partially protects you from the malware, spyware, Trojans and more. The average user usually complains that using an anti-virus makes their systems slow and performance diminishes as you install an anti-virus. This is true as if your PC/laptop is of moderate quality, it won’t run at its full potential. But know that sooner than later, the use of an anti-virus would be a rather feasible option in terms of improving your overall productivity.

Trusting too much

In most of the cases, people aren’t that careful and ending people that we shouldn’t. For example, sitting along with your friends you leave to fulfill an errand that needs you to move physically. You leave thinking your system won’t be affected in any way. When you return, you realize someone actually inserted a drive and took away all that was once under your ownership. This happens with students mostly as assignments usually get transferred in drives and the actual student suffers the most. Hence, set passwords to avoid such inconvenience.


Being a non-tech-savvy-user isn’t bad as in the beginning, we all have to start from the scratch. But once you’ve surpassed the beginner level and that you have enough information, you must implement all that you know to improve your security. The only problem is the laziness we show thinking ‘we’re safe’ is where we end up paying the consequences.

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