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Published on November 12th, 2021 | by Ali Dino


Where and How to Find Great Video Ideas For Youtube

Where and How to Find Great Video Ideas. Popular Ready-Made Ideas

In this article, we have prepared a selection of services that will help you quickly find relevant topics, analyze competitors and be on the same wavelength with your viewers. 

Make sure that the channel is focused on some general topic in which you will search for subtopics and combine ideas. For example, on a channel about building houses, you will not find videos about cars. Here you can find information about materials, their production, as well as how to design a project and build houses.

It will be helpful to include and watch competitors’ material – what keys they use in their speech. According to them, YouTube determines which category the video should be classified into and whether its description matches what the video says.

For example, many bloggers use clickbait – a catchy headline, but in their videos, they either talk about something completely different or just read the full version of the news, which was already mentioned in the title of the video. And if the viewing time is only a few seconds, the hosting will not promote such a video.

Don’t forget to browse competitors from different countries as well. It has long been known that many TV channels copy and adapt formats that have already gained popularity in Europe and the United States. We urge you to analyze your competitors’ ideas, improve them and shoot unique videos.

For example, in videos about yoga, you can often replace a laconic background and slow music. Try adding variety to your video – inviting a friend, recording an open lesson, doing exercises with your pet, or explaining each pose separately.

Use YouTube Search Hints

When you search for topics in the search bar of video hosting, use the tips that open before you – these are popular user queries. This will help you gather new ideas.

Do Your Research on SEO Tools

SEO tools for YouTube channels not only help you track general statistics, but also find useful tags, keywords, and get tips that you can use when recording and editing a video.

Important! Add No More Than 5-10 Tags to the Video Description

TubeBuddy Tags is not only a useful browser extension and smartphone app but also a complete tool for analyzing any channel and video. With its help, you can select tags and keywords, track the number of views and comments, as well likes and dislikes.

Tubular Lab is a service for analyzing competitors and their target audience. With its help, you can analyze popular content and find out what subscribers like, what channels they watch, and on what topics.

Ahrefs is a tool for finding key phrases and search frequency.

Answer The Public is another service for finding ideas. Here are collected options for direct keys, questions, and comparisons.

vidIQ Vision is a browser extension that helps you find tags and analyze your competitors. You can work in the application or watch statistics through YouTube video hosting.

Here you can find general information about the channel and video, an assessment of the service for the design and filling of keys, tags, descriptions, and names. As well as data on optimization and topics.

You can also view channel statistics on the home page.

Prozavr is a simple service where you can search for tags by topic or YouTube channel, and track popular queries.

RapidTags is a simple service for finding relevant tags for your topic.

Tubics is a service that helps you search for ideas and conduct A / B testing of thumbnails – intros for your videos. Also here you can create a list of tags and add them to your videos.

The system takes data from the Google AdWords API, which makes it possible to find a query that will help you promote videos from search engines.

Watch Movies and TV Shows, Read Popular Books, and Play Video Games

Create trends from novelties in literature, films, and video games. You will be able to draw analogies, talk about your emotions and research, make selections of the best books or TV series, as well as shoot entertaining videos and letplays – the passage of games.

For example, after watching a movie, you went on a trip, walked around the city and filmed the places where the movie you watched was filmed.

A Comic Review of Bad Books

You can also record useful episodes, for example, on historical topics.

Note. You can take ideas from the description for the videos, namely from the content – timecodes.

Reading the book may give you the idea to cook the dish that the author talked about – as in the selection below.

An example on the subject of “literary cuisine” – people cook dishes described in fiction.

Look For Inspiration in Music

Music can be the basis for your videos – play in the background, open or close a video. The composition you like can become a feature of your channel, by which you will be recognized. And if you play any instrument – record covers, your compositions, or teaching materials.

Important! Remember about copyright – if you don’t have permission, YouTube can mute the video or even block the video.

The lyrics of a song or melody can give you a thought or memory that you would like to share in the video. Alternatively, you can meditate on your favorite music and present a future video.

Communicate With Your Subscribers

You shoot all videos for your subscribers and target audience, so you can ask their opinion. For example, on social networks, ask a question about what content they would be interested in – and give several answers.

You can also ask questions at the end of the video and ask subscribers to answer them in the comments below the video. The fastest way to grow your channel – buying views Youtube.

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