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Watch Worldwide Netflix Libraries Anywhere with This Tech Trick

Being in the tech industry, it is clear that there is always a solution to rising problems. Talking about the streaming industry, we know that geo-restriction is something we all have to face. This challenge is nothing new to people who are watching shows and movies online. Even the biggest streaming platform, Netflix, has geo-restrictions, and you see different libraries for different regions. The other day, I searched for Criminal Minds from my region, and then I got to know that it is only available on the US Netflix library. Upon further research, I found out that we have ways that could be used to access US Netflix Library from anywhere or any Netflix library from anywhere. There is a way you can split Netflix, pay less and still enjoy all the benefits. And exactly like that, I used ExpressVPN to Access Netflix, but before we get to how to bypass geo-restrictions, let’s first have a look at what geo-restriction is and how it works.

What is Geo-Restriction and How it Works for Netflix?

Geo-restriction is a concept that is well-known to the world. It refers to the idea of blocking a user based on their geographic locations. The tech-device that you are using is connected with the IP address that identifies your geographic location. This way, sites, and platforms can identify that you are accessing from a restricted region. These are the reason that streaming platforms geo-restrict their content.

  • Licensing Rights Issue

One of the major things that are posed as a reason for geo-restrictions that many of the channels don’t have the license to broadcast or stream shows into specific countries, and Netflix thus is unable to make their content available in those countries.

  • Content Restrictions

Another reason for the same is that few countries have restrictions on content such as adult-themed films that show nudity are not allowed in many countries, and thus Netflix has to restrict it in those regions.

  • Agreement Between Netflix and Content Creators

Much of the content on Netflix is created by different creators, and Netflix only has the distribution rights to it. The creators can restrict Netflix from distributing the content to specific countries, which becomes the reason for geo-restrictions.

How to Bypass Netflix Geo-Restrictions Anywhere?

Netflix is more advanced than you think. I would have suggested Tor or maybe DNS for accessing geo-blocked sites and content. Still, neither of these ways could be reliable when it comes to Netflix, and the only way that can let you bypass the geo-restrictions and access any Netflix library from anywhere is a VPN.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) masks your IP address and directs your internet traffic through the server from your desired location. This makes sites like Netflix to think as if you are using it from a location that is not geo-blocked. However, while choosing a VPN, you need to consider a few things.

  • Servers from Your Desired Countries

This is the first thing that you need to see in your VPN provider. They should offer the servers from the country that you are trying to access. Such as if you are thinking of accessing the US Netflix library, the provider should have servers from the US.

  • Fast Speed and Unlimited Bandwidth

If your movie lags, it will surely ruin your streaming experience, and thus the VPN that you are using should have an unlimited bandwidth option. This will make your experience better with no lags and seamless streaming.

  • Security

Moreover, security is a factor that you cannot neglect while using a VPN. There should be no data logs policy from your provider as well as it should have a no IP and DNS leak policy to make sure that Netflix does not identify that you are accessing the site with a VPN.

These factors, when are up to the standard in a VPN provider, it is the best option to access any Netflix library from anywhere, and you can enjoy all the shows and movies that you like.

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