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How service robotics can benefit your industry

Technology is being updated each year, with new inventions being made, all with the idea of helping the public and businesses do better. If you were to look back to 10-15 years ago, would everybody you walk past have a mobile phone in their pocket? Probably not! Nowadays, even children as young as 10 or 11 are going out and about with a mobile device on them. Now think about all the devices you use on a day to day basis – does your car drive by itself? Do you have a VR headset? Do you use laptops or tablets at work? Maybe you use an autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner to clean your house with? Technology is everywhere and is only getting better and used more. 

One area which is really developing and becoming even more accessible is the robotics industry. As touched upon above, we are living the rise of robotics: car’s can now drive themselves, you can purchase robotic hoovers to clean or mop your home. More and more businesses are starting to use robotics services due to the many benefits they bring to a business. Not only can they be more productive than humans are, but they also make fewer mistakes, can operate 24 hours a day and in many instances can save time. Below we look into the benefits of using robotics such as through mobile robotics company and how they can benefit your industry.

Robotics Make Fewer Mistakes

One well-known benefit of using robotics instead of a human is that they make fewer mistakes. Unfortunately, humans do make mistakes and human error will always occur even though the person might try their hardest to avoid itit. The more hours a human works, the more tired they get which can then lead to error in their work. With a robot, they do not tire allowing them to continuously work to the same standard without letting fatigue get in the way.

Robotics are more reliable than humans

Robots don’t get ill and not turn up to work, they don’t have emergencies to turn up to and if traffic is bad they don’t get delayed when trying to get to the office. Unfortunately, as part of being a human, we can sometimes not be reliable causing delays at work to happen. By using a robot you can avoid these issues, improving productivity which could lead to an increase in revenue and profits. A robot will always be available within the working environment as soon as you need them to perform the job at hand. 

Robotics can operate 24 hours a day

One key benefit to using robots is that they can perform 24 hours a day. The only time they need to stop working is when you need to update their software or you need to perform maintenance work on them. As part of being a human rest is key, most humans will work around 30-50 hours a week and then go home, when going home no work is done. That is the opposite to a robot, hours wise a robot can perform for 168 hours a week. Humans can get sick or will take holiday throughout the year, whereas a robot won’t. 

Robotics Can Increase Production 

As you can imagine from some of the points above, robots can be more productive. With no breaks needed, holiday or sick days, and the fact they can operate 24 hours a day, that means that more work can be done. When it comes to productivity, robots are designed with that in mind which is why they are more effective than humans. The only reason they will stop working is if there is an error in their system or you turn the power off of them. Many types of robots already have been developped by the robotics companies such as mobile robots, mobile manipulators, arms manipulators, industrial robots etc and they can adapt to each industries, depending on their configuration and programation. 

Robotics can increase the number of jobs in your office if required 

Some people fear robots within their industry because they are worried they will replace a human from doing the job. This is not the case, by using a robot they can do the jobs that humans don’t want to do or collaborate with humans. This means you can relocate staff and utilise their strengths in other areas of the business. This will allow you to grow and develop your business. Not only that, but due to the benefits of using a robot, more can be produced meaning more staff will be needed to support the robot creating new jobs within your business. 

When it comes to service robotics within your industry there are many benefits to using them. This is why it’s important to do your research and work with the correct mobile robotics company that can benefit you the most. If you are considering getting a service robot, make sure you give them a call and discuss your requirements and a robotics company will be able to suggest the best method to move forward. Some robotics company like Robotnik offers robot customization to feet the exact needs of your business/industry in order to help you improve your productivity. 

Do you use robotics within your industry? What benefits have they given to you? Will you continue to purchase service robotics? Let us know in the comment box below. 

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