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Published on May 27th, 2021 | by Bibhuranjan


Hiring Developers: Is It So Important?

Do you want to make the most fruitful business investment, ever?

In the world of today, software development is at the heart of corporate success. No business can survive without a strong online presence or customized digital media solutions. Its website formation, cybersecurity, or internal company working, every business today needs qualified developers to run the organization smoothly.

Now, what are the pros and cons of hiring a developer? Keep on reading to find out.

Why Hire Developers?

Hiring a developer is a high-stakes game because a competent developer can increase your business productivity multiple times. Let’s see the importance of hiring developers in detail.

Pros of hiring a developer

  • Cost-effectiveness

Hiring a professional developer saves you cost tremendously because you do not have to dedicate additional expenditure to a junior developer’s training and development.

  • Convenient management allows for better business focus

Hiring a professional developer is key as it lets you concentrate more on your business. For instance, you need to monitor their activities and performance regularly. However, this is not the case when you hire developers.

You just need to hire them and inform them about the requirements and deadlines. A competent developer is well aware of his duties and tasks and helps you perform other tasks, such as product branding and promotional activities. They will do the rest by themselves and deliver you a complete task on time.

  • Access to a range of skills set

Complex projects need multiple sets of skills to be successful. The skillset required in one project is different than the set of skills needed for another project. Hiring a team of competent developers means hiring multiple skill sets that maximize the chances of projects’ success.

  • Hiring freelance developers

Hiring freelancer developers is one of the inexpensive hiring options. This is so because you do not need to provide workspace to the hired developers or the equipment. The developers work from their homes and deliver the task online. This is especially an excellent option for smaller tasks.

It is also the quickest way of reaching directly to talented developers and that too worldwide. No matter what is the financial position of your business, the decision of hiring a freelancer developer will save you a tremendous amount.

  • Offshore developers model offers the best of both worlds

If you do not want to hire full-time developers, this hiring model is the most suitable for you as it is the middle between the internal recruitment model and freelancers’ model. You just need to hire a developer or team of developers working in the dealer’s office.

In this model, you have greater control over the hired developer than the freelancer model, where you cannot control the hired talent. The offshore developer model is cost-effective and revolves around regular project performance and project updates. Also, most offshore companies usually have extensive infrastructure that comes in handy for more complex projects.

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Cons of hiring a developer

  • Deliverance of erroneous end product

What if you assign a job to a person, but instead of doing it himself, he gets your work done by others?

The result will be disastrous as the third person will not be able to deliver the project the way you want it to be. This can happen when you hire a freelancer developer. Many times, freelance developers send work further, and the result of this switching is an erroneous end product. This is because your instructions, requirements, and scope are not completely transferred to the third person, as the result of which you have to bear the cost in the form of the deliverance of a flawed end product.

  • Inexperienced developers

Hiring a developer is a big plus, but it turns to a loss when you hire an incompetent developer. I believe all developers can work efficiently, but an experienced developer’s work proficiency level is far more than that of an inexperienced one. This is especially harmful if the project or work nature complex.

  • Communication gap

A developer cannot work at his best unless he is well aware of your product and other requirements related to the project and product. The communication gap is greater in case if you hire a freelancer developer because he may be unaware of your language and business/project details.

Now, the next question is:

Is hiring a developer a big problem or piece of cake?

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Tips To Hire Talented Developers

The results of the CodinGame’s recent survey revealed that for 61 percent of HR professionals, the real challenge of 2021 is searching and recruiting qualified developers.

The industry of developers is rapidly growing, which makes them selective regarding jobs or employer selection. According to the data of the Bureau of Labor 21 percent increase is expected in demand for developers by 2028. So, employers have to know where to hire developers and how to go about the procedure.

Let’s say you want to hire PHP developers; what should you do to grab the market’s best ones? Here are few things you should do while designing the process of hiring developers:

  • Ask detailed questions while interviewing developers

Do not ask questions such as what you are currently doing because this is what you can know from his CV. Do deep probing regarding the projects he has just completed. Ask how he does things for the completion of projects and tasks. In this way, you will gain a valuable understanding of his expertise.

  • Ask about Developers’ favorite projects

This question is important to understand the candidates’ likes and dislikes about different types of projects and understanding of projects he completed. This will show what type of projects he can handle best.

  • Give developer take away test projects

Do not force developers to do test projects on the spot. Instead, give them time to do it comfortably and with complete focus. Give them take away home test projects, which they can do at home without taking any kind of pressure.

Concluding Words

Hiring unskilled or unsuitable developers jeopardizes not only your projects but also weakens your business position. If you want your business to make a name in the market, you need to hire competent developers. Whether you want to hire PHP developers or others, take note of our tips, and you will have a team of skilled developers.

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