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Best 10 Unique Social Media Marketing Methods That Work Wonders


In the 21st century, every business be it small or big needs social media marketing. Social media marketing is one such way to connect better with your audience and let more and more customers know about your brand. This also helps to improve your market presence and thereby increase your overall sales.

Since the year 2009, millions of people have made their social media accounts and spend almost 4-5 hours every day on the internet. The number of people joining social media is only increasing with each passing day with advancements in technology and more tech-savvy youngsters. This is the reason why taking full use of social media marketing is very important to set a good standard for I’m your business.

Let’s visit this link and some of the best and unique methods of social media marketing:-

1. Set your goals first

If you start anything without knowing about your goals then it would be a sheer waste of time and money. Before starting with the process of social media marketing, make sure that your goals and objective of what you want and what to achieve is very clear. It is also advisable to write it down on a sheet of paper so that you do not miss out on any point.

Your goals can be such that reaching a specific number of followers on social media handles like Facebook or Instagram. Also, it is important to keep checking your goals, set specific deadlines. This can be an effective way to boost your social media presence.

2. Give importance to video content

In the 21st century, people are interested more in videos than in reading. Video making trend is continuously increasing and also a booming industry. According to the latest study, the US had more than 200 hours of watch time on different mobile phones.

Without any doubt, it can be said that millions of people are spending millions of hours on their social on the internet in a year. It becomes important to create and post video content along with normal content so that customers might feel interesting and check out your website. It must be noted that the video and other content that is being posted reaches the right customer base. If the content does not reach the right customer it then won’t help to boost the business.

Try taking help from the guest posts in case you need help with video content.

3. Educate your customers

Irrespective of what your goals and targets are, do not tell your audience about your products and services. Try to build a relation with your customers by letting them know what you are selling or how your services can help them. When customers know what you do then they can turn into loyal customers.

There can be no better platform than social media to educate your followers. Try conducting workshops, webinars, and carrying out giveaways so that customers can have a better idea of your undertaking.

4. Choose your social media handles wisely

Currently, it has been noticed that people are posting about their products and services on just every social media channel which might not be fruitful and is a great waste of time. With the mindset of posting your products everywhere, you will reach nowhere. For instance, a business which deals with clothing or fashion accessories need not promote or advertise their products on a professional platform like LinkedIn.

Choosing the social media handles correctly is a very important step. A lot of buyers will get influenced if you post at the relevant place.

5. Ask for customer and follower reviews

Sharing the customer reviews on your social media handle can be a great way to motivate other and fresh customers to look at your products. It acts as proof that your services or quality are good.

You may request your customers to share their pictures or reviews about your items and so you can utilize that content on your online media profiles. For instance, that you run a furniture store, you can request your purchasers to share the image of how they liked your furniture at their homes. From that point forward, you can share those photos on your social profiles. Along with the customer review do not forget to attach a direct link to your product or services.

This whole process will doubtlessly increase the interest of other customers and they may likely make a purchase.

6. Get a good knowledge about your customers

For successful social media marketing, you must have good and adequate knowledge about your customer base. You can try out undertaking a poll or survey to get a better understanding of want your customers to need or what they are interested in.

Also, try to respond or reply to every message or comments that you receive as it will help you to engage more and more customers.

7. Post different content on different handles

Many of the business houses post the same content everywhere. It is not at all advisable. Try sharing something different content in different places for effective social media marketing. For example, if you are sharing a blog post on Facebook then try posting video content on Instagram. This will never make the audience feel bored and make them notice it every time you post something new.

8. Make use of chatbots

These days chatbots are highly popular. Chatbots help with initial and immediate customer service and thereby boosting the overall customer engagement.

Chatbots are highly used in the case of social media marketing. They are helpful in case you want to initiate a chat, close a chat or answer some normal questions of the customers.

9. Make use of image content

It can be a great idea if you try posting an image don’t along with your blog posts or normal posts. Image content contains some lines or quotes along with a picture.

Image content is an attractive and easy way of social media marketing. Try to infuse your image content with some information or humor if possible which can be very helpful in customer engagement.

10. Make a budget

Last but not the least, make a budget. Try to be on a budget and still produce effective and engaging social media content. Do not spend more than required initially. Social media marketing is not at all expensive but some people make it expensive by adding unnecessary things.

It is important to stay on a budget that social media marketing is not a burden for you. Read the review of Somiibo review by The Small Business Blog to get a clear idea about IG growth service and their rates.


So these were some of the top and the best methods of social media marketing. You can benefit a lot if you do the marketing of your products and services properly on social media sites. Also, social media marketing is not at all a costly process and is less time-consuming. Start it today and see the results.

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