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Published on February 9th, 2021 | by Sumit Bhowal


Earn Revenues through WebRTC Development Services by Hiring WebRTC Developers

Justin Uberti Peter Thatcher is credited with development of WebRTC in 2011. Google takes the credit for making this open source real time communication platform available to the public. However, WebRTC did not gain traction but the recent pandemic and need for remote collaboration gave it the much needed impetus to take off. Today, WebRTC underlies many of the audio-video conferencing and messenger solutions. You can, if you are in the IT services field, offer WebRTC development services and be assured of success by hiring WebRTC developers.

The function of WebRTC developers

On the face of it WebRTC appears to be simple. It can work in browsers and enables audio-video chat and conferencing facility. The catch is that it is not a stand alone application. You will need to use APIs to create WebRTC applications to enable in-browser function. This means you need developers to carry out the API integration.

RTCPeerConnection API is the most commonly used API to enable audio-video media transfer. However, there is a lot going on behind the scene which is why you cannot just hire any developer but you must hire WebRTC developers. This is because, to enable browser based WebRTC communications, developers must carry out server side SIP based implementation. This means you need WebRTC developers who also have capabilities in VoIP technologies and a deeper understanding of codecs and media protocols as well as security. It does take some experience and capability to reach this stage. You can offer WebRTC development services provided you hire WebRTC developers who can deliver solutions that work well.

The time is right

This is the right time to launch WebRTC offerings. Many companies are switching to remote work model and that model is here to stay. A strong communication platform that is also easy to use is the need of the day and WebRTC fits the bill by providing a safe, secure, easy to use communication and collaboration platform. Microsoft Teams had 44 million daily actual users in March and that figure shot up to 75 million in April. Google Meet has 3 million users a day with 100 million daily participants. Cisco WebEx participants grew from 324 million in March to 20 billion in April – periods when the pandemic was at its peak. All these platforms have one thing in common: WebRTC. So you can see that the time is just right to run WebRTC development services. Gartner’s magic quadrant also shows that those meeting platforms that have highest share also use WebRTC to some degree. Browsers too support WebRTC. Apple’s Safari browser, apart from supporting H.264, also supports VP8 codec vital for WebRTC. Now that H.264 offers simulcast support on Chrome, you get added functionality of group video conferencing. Importantly, for the future, all browsers are expected to provide AV1 support. Google is now focusing on leveraging WebRTC tech for gaming and this opens up interesting possibilities for WebRTC development services. You can get in on the ground floor and profit in the process. WebRTC will be able to handle 1080p at 60 frames per second with low latency. This means not only better gaming but also better HD video.

Why hire specialist developers?

It makes sense to hire WebRTC developers with known expertise. It may appear to be simple but there is a lot involved in the background when it comes to using APIs to integrate WebRTC solutions. Developers must have a sound understanding of SIP technologies, expertise in codec implementations and protocol handling and ability to fine tune apps so that audio clarity is preserved and video is jitter-free irrespective of number of users or internet speed. Developers also need to be expert in allocating network resources and CPU since WebRTC is CPU intensive. Hire WebRTC developers and you pay only for development and guaranteed results while overcoming issues.

Increasing demand

Everyone needs communications.

  • Businesses, by virtue of the now standard work from home and remote work system, need a reliable, affordable and sound audio-video and document sharing solution that works on all browsers.
  • Education is making increasing use of podcasts as well as live and recorded audio-video to conduct online training
  • Healthcare is tilting towards remote consultation and examination
  • Small businesses and startups need affordable and reliable communications platform that works on mobile and desktop – WebRTC is the only option so far for browser based communication and does away with the need for SIP phones. Calls, whether local, national or international, are cheaper.

As can be seen, there is immense scope and the market is booming. Add a revenue stream by starting WebRTC development services and be assured of guaranteed results when you hire WebRTC developers. You have no worries about glitches or support. Developers take care of everything while you focus on marketing and generating revenues.

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