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How to Iron Clothes without an Ironing Board

As tedious ironing is, we cannot deny the fact that it is just as essential. Who would like to step outside their home with a crumpled shirt? The fact that ironed clothes make us look presentable and neat proves how important ironing is. If you want to hire a professional to do your ironing for you then go to Helpling. So should the lack of an ironing board stop you from ironing? Not at all! In today’s post we will be talking about different ways you can iron clothes without requiring an ironing board at all! Read to find out more:

Use a Table

Whether you are in a hotel room or your own home, a table is something you can find anywhere and everywhere. So in the absence of an ironing board, would you head out for that important meeting without ironing out your formals? Now that’s an obvious NO. So why not clean up the table in hand nicely, spread a bedsheet on it and then lay out your clothes on the table before you begin ironing out the creases from it? Your clothes will be just as ironed and no one would even find out about the table secret!

Iron on the Bed

Something is always better than nothing. When you’re left with no choice ( no ironing board or table), simply use the next thing in sight as your ironing platform! Agreed, you wouldn’t get the finesse that only an ironing board can offer, but at least you won’t look like you’ve got straight out of the bed! So yes, lay your clothes on the bed, spread them evenly and get started with the ironing. Your clothes will be crease-free and perfect in no time.

Use the Steam Iron

A steam iron is used in shopping malls, to keep clothes crease-free and ironed. The major advantage of this iron is that you don’t need a surface at all, simply hold the heated steam iron over the clothes and the steam will work its magic on the creases and wrinkles. Do remember that steam irons are meant for specific types of fabrics only, but that shouldn’t stop you from using it in emergency situations.

DIY Ironing Board

It doesn’t take much to create your own ironing board – all you need is a wooden plank and two elevated structures ( chairs would work too). Keep the chairs apart and place the board on the chairs – and you’ll have your own ironing board ready right there! Place a bed sheet or any thick material cloth on the board and it’s all set for ironing!

Summing Up

And remember, you can get a pro to do your ironing for you by heading over to Helpling. Don’t let anything come in the way of ironing your clothes – even if it means creating your own ironing board! In emergencies, using whatever you find and making the best of it is what is important. Bed, table, floor – you can use any steady surface to iron your clothes. Just clean these surfaces, put on a thick cloth on it and you’re ready to iron instantly!

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