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Glass Planner, Your New Stylish Time-Management App

Let’s face it: current calendar and to-do apps are not as appealing as they should be. Either they are hard to use, or too confusing, or not visually attractive, among other negative aspects. There are some good options available, but either they require a third-party service to work (like Google Calendar) or they are expensive.

If you are tired of using the same old apps that are not totally satisfying, then Glass Planner may be quite perfect for you. While, in a superficial analysis, this app can see solely as a calendar, it is really much more than that, under the hood. It is a fully-featured time-management suite, filled with interesting and useful features.

This new and promising app aims at “getting things done” by taking a lot of effort out of organizing your life and is sure to, in almost no time, become an essential app for business-minded folk. It comes, by default, with a basic version of the app, called ‘Simple Glass’, which can be boosted by paying the $7.99 in-app purchase, which activates ‘Standard Glass’. Still, the basic version should be enough for the regular user.

Glass Planner is divided in three main sections. Plan is where your calendar appointments are stored, giving the possibility to create new appointments just with a quick tap on the plus sign. It also is the place to check what is going on, with all future appointments and dates listed clearly there.

Then, Act is the to-do section of Glass Planner. It shows all the tasks that need to be taken care off, with the possibility to assign them a date and tags, for easier surfing. Last but not least, Done is where all the complete tasks and assignments end up, so users can keep track of what they have been doing.

It may seem a complicated concept on paper but, trust me, it is not. This video further explains how Glass Planner works:

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