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How to remove a handguard from an AR 15

The Ar 15 rifle, full name Arma Lite Rifle is one of the most famous and widely used guns, especially in a country like America. The gun has even been termed as “America’s rifle” by the National Rifles Association. This is a guns and rights advocacy group located in the US.

In this article, you learn how to remove an Ar 15 handguard and look at some of the best Ar 15 handguards in the market.

But first, we look at some of the reasons the AR 15 is very popular;

1. It’s Safe and Reliable

When going for a hunt, you are sure that your Ar 15will not develop issues when faced with heavy rain or sunshine. It one of the most reliable guns, no matter the weather conditions. Some claim it has higher reliability compared to the M1 Garand and Ak 47 riffles.

2. Easily accessible

In America, it is easier to buy a gun than a beer, as you need to be 18 to buy a riffle while you need to be 21 to buy a beer.

The Ar 15 can be found in almost all the gun shops around you. It’s also one of the highest sold guns in the US.

3. It’s historical

The ar 15 dates back to the 1960s during Vietnam. When soldiers needed a gun that was adaptable to the bushy Vietnam jungle. The soldiers were using M14 rifles, which they complained were long-range and heavy. The riffles were good but did not perform well in close combat.

It is then that the Ar 15 riffles were introduced. The riffle has since evolved to the state it is now, with improved features.

4. Easy to use and maintain

Apart from the glock pistol, which is rated the world’s easiest gun to maintain. The Ar 15 comes second to the glock pistol and first in the easy to maintain riffle category.

Given that the riffle is semiautomatic, you won’t need to reload when shooting constantly. All you have to do is point to the target and steady your aim. All the while, the gun reloads itself. This feature saves you time and allows you to focus.

A critical component of the ar 15 is the handguard, other names; Forearm, forend. What’s a handguard, you ask? Well, it’s a specially designed shroud barrel that was made to;

  • Allow user to have a better grip of the weapon
  • Has a heat-insulated surface, which prevents the user from being burnt or injured by the barrel. As the barrel tends to get hot when firing.
  • Can serve as a secondary attachment platform for other weapons like; slings, an M26-MASS, an M203 grenade launcher, bipods, slings, laser sights, hand stops, among other attachments.

There are two types of handguards.

  1. Drop-in handguards – a common type of handguard, made of light weighing polymer. Consisting of two pieces that fit around the barrel. The pieces are tightened together using handguard caps at the forend front. A Delta ring assembly then secures them at the rear of the forend. Thus, the name-drop in, as they drop into place when installed.
  2. Free-floating handguards – Majorly made of aluminum. They come as one solid piece attached with a barrel nut that slides around the barrel. Some come with Picatinny rails. Others come with A key mode or M-LOK systems. Some come with QD attachment places.

Free-floating handguards cost more than drop-ins. This is because they have an advantage. They don’t have contact with the AR- 15 forward barrel portion. Meaning they provide better accuracy when shooting.

How to remove an Ar 15 handguard


I. Check to ensure the riffle is not loaded for safety purposes.

II. The Ar 15rifle has a spring-loaded delta ring. The spring is rather strong. You may need an extra pair of hands to pull it down and remove the handguard.

III. You don’t really need someone’s help. Using a handguard removal tool, hook it into the magazine.

IV. Now clamp on the delta ring with the handguard removal tool. Depress the delta ring to remove the handguards

V. Once you have removed the hand guards you can now remove the handguard removing tool.

What if you do not have a hand guard-removing tool? How will you remove the handguards? You can follow the procedure below;

I. Check to ensure the rifle isn’t loaded.

II. You can ask a friend to pull down the delta ring as you remove the handguards.

When pulling down the delta ring, caution should be taken as it may hurt your fingers. It has a strong spring.

Best Ar 15handguards

1. V Seven 2099 Ultra – Light M-LOK Handguard

The V seven 2099 Ultralight M LOK has unsurpassed strength and rigidity. Offering a Picatinny rail with M-LOK slots at 3 and 6 o’clock along its endless length of mounting options.

It’s believed to be the most advanced aluminum on earth.

2. Strike industries Strike M – LOK Rail System

Strike Industries has built its name in the industry by providing quality products at affordable prices. With that in mind, the Strike M- LOK rail system may be the best free-float handguard.

The handguard accepts many of the adjustable gas blocks; since it has a good size. It achieves these impressive feats while at the same time allowing shooters easy control without the need for a forward grip.

Strike industries also include an ambidextrous QD swivel that attaches at the rear rail points.

3. 2A Armament Aethon M – LOK Rail system

Highly praised for its rugged design and eye-catching appearance. The 2A Armament has a slim rail profile allowing for a comfortable yet solid grip.

The handguard is perfectly made with much detail machining, thus no sharp edges. Ensuring your hands are safely protected.

2A armament’s aethon full pic rail length has a neat touch, accessorized with scalloped ribs, which reduce weight. With QD swivel mounts and M-LOK slot points at 9, 6, and 3 positions, it doesn’t disappoint.

Removing your AR15 handguard has never been easier; follow the above steps for stress-free handguard removal.

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