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How Technology has Changed the Cannabis Industry

The marijuana industry has changed significantly over the past several years, and many areas allow you to consume the herb, either medically or recreationally. Tech has played a big role in the industry, and today’s consumers have more options than ever. There are a few ways that technology might change the way the herb is both grown and sold.

Getting Approved for Cannabis Use Online

Today, many places in the United States, such as Ohio, have legalized cannabis for medicinal use. One of several qualifying conditions might make you eligible. With developments in technology, it is easier today to get your Ohio medical marijuana card. The process with NuggMD only takes minutes, and in many cases, you only receive the bill once you’re approved.

Special Growing Lights

It’s often hard to grow cannabis inside since the plants need a certain amount of light. That’s why the plants do so well in tropical areas, where the sun offers the needed energy. However, many times, companies grow the plants inside so they can control the conditions and keep the plants safe. Unfortunately, this means they need to supply the necessary light, and these often use a lot of electricity, making them expensive to use.

That’s where LED lights come in. Companies are experimenting with these lights since they offer a wideband light spectrum. The older types of LED bulbs only offered blue or red frequency light. Many growers are also using special directional lamps, allowing the light to be pointed at the plants more efficiently. That’s because less light is wasted. Another advantage is that LED bulbs don’t produce as much heat, so growers are better able to control the temperature themselves. That also saves them money since they can control the temperature in a more efficient way. While they may cost more initially, it’s likely that the cost of the bulbs will drop over the next several years.

Selling Cannabis

The way marijuana is purchased has also changed. You no longer have to purchase a strain, not knowing what it is. Today, technology has made the purchasing process easier. Some companies allow you to purchase your herb through an app and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Personalized Marijuana Products

It’s often hard for users to find the right balance of CBD and THC since people’s bodies can vary. The cannabinoids are processed very differently. Certain strains might be more intense or mellow than others, but there’s still a lot of variety when it comes to choosing the right strain. Cannabis is psychoactive, which means if you don’t choose the right balance, you might end up too high. This is why a new type of technology involves creating personalized mixes of cannabinoids that are designed to mesh with your body chemistry. For instance, some companies are using a saliva swab test to look for certain genetic markers. That will help them determine how you might respond to certain cannabinoids, and they will then send you a report that suggests how you will respond to certain strains.

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