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AI – The Future of Casino Gaming?

Living in the digital age has led to a lot of technological advancements. It has been staggering to see the amount of progress made over the past couple of decades. Virtual reality, robots, and now AI are starting to make their way into so many different industries. With so many sectors scrambling to incorporate AI in an effective way, we are starting to see it used much more frequently. It comes as no surprise, then, that AI is making huge waves in the world of online gaming, so let’s dive in to take a closer look at the ways in which AI is changing the face of the iGaming industry.

What is AI?

Firstly, we should begin by explaining what exactly AI is. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence and, to put it simply, AI is a highly intuitive method of computer programming which collects and analyses data and code to help the computer make its own decisions. However, there’s no need to worry about a dystopian uprising of machines just yet, as modern AI simply learns specific tasks, adding more information to its database. For example, facial recognition is becoming increasingly popular as a security method, as evidenced with the new iPhone X, and the AI used for this simply learns to recognise faces better each time it is used.

Essentially, AI runs lines of code and makes slight changes to it when it comes to a decision-making process, such as changing percentages or alternating an outcome. There is no actual independent thinking happening within the computer, just a high level of deep machine learning and combinations of new algorithms.


The Impact on Online Casino Gaming

AI’s ability to make changes and alter the outcome of a computer sequence means a lot for the online gaming industry. Players who want to play an online game may want to experience a challenge or enjoy some variance in a game. In the beginning, player vs computer games were very predictable and offered very little diversity in gameplay. However, with the introduction of AI, gameplay can be made a lot more enjoyable as variations can be made based on the computer’s previous gameplay experiences. It is able to offer a much more realistic experience while becoming similar to an actual human opponent.

AI is set to make a massive impact in the online casino industry. Recent advancements in AI have created a computer programme which is able to defeat real-life poker professionals at their own game for the first time. This means that deep machine learning is becoming so advanced that it is quickly teaching itself how to become a professional in a similar way to the human brain.

It’s not just poker which is seeing the impact of AI. Casino gaming in Canada has such a diverse range of online casino games that there are even sites that collate all different spectrums in one place to help individual users find their way. More and more online casinos are using AI data in order to cater the gaming experience to each individual user. When a player enjoys a certain range of casino games, casino websites are able to determine which games are the most suitable for them and offer a more personalised experience.


Future Predictions

The gaming industry as a whole could be transformed drastically by AI. Recent research from the Georgia Institute of Technology has developed AI which can create an entire game engine simply by watching and recording previous gameplay. This means that, in the future, AI may have the ability to create entire video games which are hugely advanced without any human intervention.

In the online casino industry, AI is also getting much more advanced at recognising cheating, therefore, there will be more ways to combat cheating players and for the computer to come up with ways to properly minimize the possibility of cheating all on its own.

We may also see online casinos which offer a completely tailor-made page of games for each individual player.

However, there is a struggle happening between AI machines. On the one hand, there are AI machines which are striving for authenticity and fairness when it comes to playing online casinos, and there are others which are trying to create an unfair advantage when it comes to gameplay. It will be interesting to see which version of these AIs will come out on top.


The future of AI is a bright one and the online casino industry is already seeing a huge impact from the benefits of it. We don’t quite know yet what the future holds for AI but we are sure it will change the face of online gaming as we know it.

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