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Published on October 17th, 2020 | by Sumit Bhowal


Some striking alternatives to protect your wireless network

If you want to use your computer or mobile anywhere in your house, then a wireless network is necessary. It will help you connect to other computers on your system or access the Internet simultaneously. However, you must make your wireless networks secure so that you can derive the maximum benefit from it. There are many hackers around who can attempt to interfere with the security of your network connection. It includes gaining access to your shared files, hijacking your Internet connection, intercept any data that you send or receive, etc.

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The most valuable Internet security tips that can help you to protect your wireless network

  1. Do not use default password: You should not use the default password for your system. It is effortless for the hackers to discover the manufacturer’s default password. They can use this password to access your wireless network. So it is a wise decision to change the password for your wireless router and add a prominent time.
    What you can do is pick up a complex series of letters and numbers along with memorable characters and try to feed it as a password for your system. It will make it difficult for the hacker to presume what your password is. Never try to use personal information, for example, birthday names, unique places, etc. for the password purpose. It is easier for people close to you to make speculations about your system’s password.
  2. Your wireless must not announce its presence to others. It would help if you switched off the service set identifier broadcasting to put off the wireless device from reporting its existence to the world. The moment your device announces its presence, it also provides the opportunity for the hacker to come and interfere with your system. Hence it would help if you always tried to prevent your system from announcing its presence in front of others.
  3. Change the devices SSID name: You must consider here that the SSID name for your device is one of the major areas that the hacker can use to access the information of your system. Any change in your device’s default SSID name will prevent the hacker from creating any havoc to your data and your privacy. A frequent change of the default SSID name is necessary to keep the system away from any risk.
  4. Encrypt your data on the system: For this, what you should do is go to the connection settings and make sure that you enable encryption. You can also use WPA encryption, which is the most appropriate one available in the market. If it is not available, then you can also use WEP encryption. The purpose of both is the same and will help you provide the much-needed privacy for your system.

Hence, you may conclude from the above points that your wireless network’s protection is an essential issue. The data you store in your system is crucial and can be used by the hacker in multiple ways that might not prove beneficial for your purpose.

People believe that information is money, so try to protect your information as it can cause you a lot of harm. Commprise managed security service provider can help you find good opportunities to protect your wireless network.

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