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Why Should You Use SMS In Your Marketing Campaign?

Lead generation channels like Facebook advertising campaigns, Google Adwords, email and banner ads must be very common to you. However, phones provide you a new and exciting channel to get in touch with an audience that is responsive and can give good conversion rates. This marketing is called SMS marketing. Companies are employing SMS marketing as a way to reach out to the customer and convince them about the product or service. 

You are missing out if you do not use text marketing. Your customers are using texting as a communication tool, and you need to grab this opportunity to use it to your benefit. Your potential customers carry their devices the entire day with them. Why not send them notifications that might get them interested and purchase your product? Let us discuss the reasons for using text messaging as a marketing tool. 

Direct and Quick Channel

SMS has a good record when it comes to the time taken by customers to see the advertisement. It takes only 15 minutes to deliver the message, and around 97% of messages are read successfully. Around half of the messages sent can generate a successful return on investment. When you put other famous marketing channels in the mix, you should reach more than half the targeted population. You can send SMS from Excel, which is a good method for SMS marketing. 

Has a Personal Touch

Customers consider their phones to be a personal part of their lives. They use it to stay connected with their family and friends. When they wake up in the morning, the first thing they do is check their phones. When you place your company name inside this personal circle, you can expect good results. You push a one-on-one conversation with your potential customers, which is a more quick and intimate way of communication and marketing. 

Supports Other Channels 

For a marketing campaign to succeed, it is important that all the channels used work in harmony with each other. SMS can also fit perfectly well in this mix. It can also be used as an individual marketing channel; however, it can also provide support and enrich other marketing mediums like Email and social media platforms. 

An example of this would be sending an SMS saying, “Have you checked out the promo code we mailed?” as a follow-up to an email sent to a customer offering a discount on your range of products. 

Simple to Use

Text marketing is a very simple way used by marketers to reach out to their customers. Sending a text is minimalistic text and nothing too complicated. Marketers need to learn how to send across their message in less than 160 characters to build an engaging and exciting conversation with the customer. 

Short messages like redeeming coupons, provision of incentives, sending interesting surveys, and giving polls are some good examples of how you can get the customer interested. 

Get to Know More About Your Customers

Sending SMS’s can be a good way to receive feedback from your customers. You can get this feedback with the help of surveys. Around thirty percent of customers tend to respond if you text them a survey. The response time is also exceptional, being just around five minutes. You get amazing results and that too in such a short time. 

Has Given Better Results than Other Channels

When we compare other marketing strategies with SMS marketing, we found out that SMS marketing has a better response time and a better immediacy than other channels. The ROI we get from SMS marketing is unmatched, and the engagement rates are superb too. The results are even better if you use it with other channels like email, calls, push notifications, etc. 

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