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Top 11 Apps That Every Photographer Should Have

We all love capturing the moments we are living so as to make it memorable and to cherish it forever. If you are a photographer you are always striving to get the perfect click and taking the help of an app to achieve that perfection is just what you need. And since the resolution of phone cameras is getting better and better it’s easier to make those changes and get the desired picture. Either it’s just minor tweak or changing the texture or color of a particular photograph here we are listing the best apps for photographers to get that picture-perfect click.

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Skylum Luminar

Image Source: Business News Daily

The software is one of the favorites among professional photographers. Instead of a subscription you just have to pay an onetime fee to access all the features. It has the option of al slider which will automatically fix the brightness, contrast, toning, and other adjustments. The sunray filter which looks too realistic is one of the best features of this software.




Adobe Photoshop

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The list will not be complete without including this classic photography software. This is a professional-grade software that is used by not just photographers but also by designers and architects. The 3d design functionality and advanced touchup features make it extremely helpful to get the perfect click. This software is supported on your windows pc as well as MacBook.

Price: US$20.99 /mo

Corel PaintShop Pro

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This is a great choice if you are a beginner in photography as the tools available are pretty easy to use and you can advance by learning from the available tutorials on the software. By paying the onetime fee you can access dozens of features, textures, brushes, and backgrounds and it keeps on updating new tools every now and then.

Price: $155

Duplicate Photos Fixer

Apart from the perfect app or software or using many photography applications, the common problems that photographers face are duplicate photos which hinder the performance of their mobile or desktop. Duplicate Photos Fixer is lightweight duplicate image finder software that will quickly and accurately scan your device. It is a great tool available for both your mobile and desktop (supports all operating systems) to remove similar looking photos. Duplicate photos fixer will help you manage your photo library and will recover your wasted storage space. You can easily review and clean the duplicates as they are displayed categorically under different groups.

Price: 39.95$


Image Source: Portable Apps

This software is available free of cost and is quickly becoming one of the most popular ones among professionals. It has photo enhancement features and can manage your photo files in a simple and effective way. The software is available for both windows and ios operating system and is a good beginner’s choice.

Price: Free for Windows operating system only


Image Source: Tasha Chawner

This software is useful for photographers as well as graphic designers. The software is also available for mobile phones and can quickly edit your photos. It has almost 8000 templates with the option to add speech bubbles and stickers. It has a wide variety of tools for photographers to enhance their photos.

Price: Canva Pro monthly $12.99/mo

Canva Pro Yearly $9.99/mo

Pixlr Editor

Image Source: Google Chrome

The unique feature of this software is you can online edit your pictures without the hassle of downloading the software although it is available for you to download on your mobile or desktop. It has thousands of free effects and filters and is one of the most creative apps. You can add your images to a blank canvas and overlay different effects and customize the photos to your liking.

Price: Free

Premium $3.99/ mo

Professional $14.99/ mo


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One of the most popular apps present on your ios or android phones is the app Snapseed. The app is quite professional in working and represents the Photoshop software. The app is free to use and does not take much of the space of your phone. Photo effects and filters can be changed to the precision with specific brightness and contrast changes to provide to the exact result you want. The app supports capturing images on the ios system. It is perfect for photographers who do not shy away from using gesture-based tools.

Price: Free on Play Store


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This is among the favorites of professional photographers and is available for iPhone and Android users. The app is sleek and minimalistic. The camera features are very impressive. It has three flash modes and you can adjust focus and exposure. It also has a preset feature that you can easily apply to your pictures in a short time. It has a community of professional photographers where you can share your photos and discuss photography. This app fits the criteria of one of the staple tools for photographers.

Price: Free on Play Store


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This app is super user friendly and has a wide variety of filters available for you to use. Whether you are a professional or a first time user you will appreciate the tools available on this app to edit your picture. It has 6 retouching options including whitening, blemish remover, glow enhancer, etc. if you are Instagram fanatic then this is your perfect choice.

Price: Free on Play Store

Adobe Lightroom

Image Source: PC Mag

The best feature of this app is the fact that it provides editing and organizing a large number of images. It has a built-in camera feature where you can manually change features to click the perfect raw picture. It has an option to share on multiple social platforms. It also has advanced premium features like healing brush, cloud storage, face detection, lens-based correction, and many more. The app is also available as software for your Windows or iOS.

Price: US$9.99/mo

We have mentioned above the photography software that every photographer should have. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to mention them in the comments section below.

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