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Temple Run 2: Old wine, new bottle

‘Guy Dangerous’ is back and now is exploring another temple with his life in our hands (no pun intended). The original game was a smash hit with over 170 MILLION downloads across iOS and Android devices, and now the sequel is here – Temple Run 2.





Old wine in a new dazzling bottle. Nothing has changed. You still run endlessly trying to save your life after taking the idol from the temple while a huge monkey chases you from behind. You tilt, swipe, jump and slide all the way. While the objective and the controls of the game remain the same, the environment has been beautifully illustrated. Surrounded with pink sky depicting the time just before the sunset, this floating temple in the midst of the clouds will surely appeal to your eyes. Definitely a great use of the Retina display. You can now swing too.


As if the coins weren’t enough, gems have been added this time which can be used for resurrection.


The characters have been given a makeover too which is just not cosmetically but have been differentiated in terms of power ups. The power meter that was earlier used to give a boost to the points now can be used to boost/use up any power-up you want. (Sure, you need to unlock it)


The addition of the underground cave cart riding has been the most popular thing in this game so far. It gives an Indiana Jones feel and hey, who doesn’t like that feel?



The characters and gems can be bought using both in-game currency and real money. While gems can be used to easily cheat death, they can be obtained while running or can be bought at the cost of 99 cents for 5.


Although every part of the game impresses a bit more than the original, it’s still the same. Adding two more scenes to the game does not call it a sequel. There is no additional story play, characters, monsters making it a drawback. It would have been amazing if the cart riding would have been more of a roller-coaster. You just tilt it for collecting coins and avoiding boulders. I wish, there was something more interesting; something more that could actually make you feel that this is Part-2 except for just the pretty environment.


Despite this, I’m pretty sure this game is going to take the same path as its predecessor. Already making records on iTunes. It’s highly addictive after all, another good reason to procrastinate our work.



Yes, you’re ready to play this game now. Android users have to wait for a few days but iOS users can download this game for free on iTunes here. Extra coins and gems can be bought by spending real money but you could avoid those if you have the patience.


So, start playing now and keep running!

I have already reached the million club. Have you?

IMG_1736[1]— Sakshi Raina (Perfectly Imperfect)

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