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4 Technology Trends You Need to Know

These days, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a business that doesn’t rely on contact centers. And for a good reason: they’re able to manage consumer interactions and provide customer support, sales assistance, and technical support in a way that few others can. And to ensure that both performance and productivity remain at a consistently high level, you need to stay on top of the technology trends in customer service. To this end, here are some of the emerging trends in technology that are taking the customer experience to a new level.

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1. Expert systems

Expert systems or artificial intelligence, as it is more commonly referred to, is a tech trend in customer service that is slowly becoming an industry standard. After all, it can be highly advantageous in improving the customer experience. One example of its application in customer support is a predictive dialer. Not only does the algorithm behind this automated solution make the task of balancing agent availability efficient. But it can also improve productivity by minimizing idle time.

But perhaps the most remarkable aspect of AI is that the technology behind it is still in its infancy. And the potential that it has for analyzing and determining interactions holds limitless possibilities for its application to customer service.

2. Smartphone optimization

It’s easy to see why smartphone optimization is a rising trend in technology in the customer support industry. When you get right down to it, the vast majority of us rely on these mobile devices more than any other platform. And by enhancing the user experience through ease of mobile access – be it via an application or website – you’ll improve both their comfort and convenience. And, as a result, help better the interactions between both agents and customers.

3. Multi-channel support

The re-invention of the more traditional voice call centers in the customer service industry is not only a luxury but a necessity for any organization. After all, most customers today are more than willing to shift towards alternative platforms and even use self-service solutions. By offering support across multiple channels such as social media, chat, or email, not only are the customers far more likely to remain engaged with your business. But they’ll also feel much more empowered.

4. Measuring metrics through feedback

Let’s face it, organizations which take the time to listen and understand what their customers are trying to say are able to accommodate their requests better than those that don’t. There’s no getting around this fact. As such, it makes sense to integrate real-time feedback applications at the end of every interaction. In this way, you’ll have the opportunity not only to respond to their insight but also to measure metrics and address any concerns with their feedback.

Customer service is vital to keep customers engaged with a business and improve the likelihood of long-term success of an organization. And by staying aware and adopting the current technology trends in customer support, you’ll improve productivity and performance, and handle any customer interactions efficiently.

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