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Best gadgets for golfers

Even though golf may seem like a rather easy game on the first hand, the facts and statistics tell a completely different story. There are some tricks of the trades that you can pick up on a whim, however, to increase your performance, productivity, acceleration of the swing and enhance your overall game, you need to invest in some gadgets that would help you achieve those goals. Modern gadgets are designated to give you useful aid so that you can boost your game and beat competitors. If you strive to master the game of golf, here are the best gadgets that would help you achieve just that.

Start with the best rangefinder

Every pro golfer should own a gadget that would help them lock onto the desirable distance. Amongst one of the best rangefinders on the market might probably be the Nikon Coolshot 20. With this nifty device, you would be able to see, catch on and lock onto any distance within 300yards or more. The best thing about these cool gadgets is the price. The price is reasonably adorable, around $200, and by buying this rangefinder you would get an accurate, reliable and consistent rangefinder for a lucrative price.

Use up the nifty swinging aid

No matter how much money you wish to spare on cutting-edge gadgets, they should serve the purpose and bring you the most effective results. Most often gadgets that can help your golfing don’t have to be large and sturdy, but rather practical and small. The Swingyde, for instance, is one of the best swing aid gadgets on the market. This little but nifty gadget will help you empower your swing and ensure that you adequately hinging your wrist at the correct angle with the right force.

Get a pro-GPS golf watch

There are numerous GPS watchers nowadays on the market, but not all will help you stay ahead of the game of golf. If you don’t want to carry other small devices with the bulky equipment, the Excel GPS watch will give you the most accurate distance reading you may need. Plus, you will have a full overview of the greeneries, hazards and doglegs for more than 35,000 preloaded courses. Garmin Approach S40, on the other side, is his more contemporary contestant with 41,000 preloaded courses, automatic shoot tracking, digital scoreboard, and green layout details. If you desire to stay on budget, opt for the GolfBuddy GPS voice model.

Go all-in with the right accessories

Without breaking a bank, you can have expert gadgets that will utterly accelerate your performance. If you don’t want to carry your clubs, the Steward X9 electric golf trolley will follow your every move. If you desire to record your performance and share it with the social network, having a SelfieGolf Cell Phone holder is the thing for you. Stick it in the ground, attach the gadget and then your telephone, and you can easily record and publish your golfing achievements. Last but not least, if you prefer fun over silence, get a mini and flexible Bluetooth speaker that you can attach to the cart or bag. JBL’s Clip 3 or the Soundchuck Mini Bluetooth speakers are the best ones.

The multi-purpose gadgets

Gadgets that aid with innumerable obstacles come in different functions. One of which is the Swiss Army Golf Tool from Victorinox. Small enough to fit into your pocket, durable and immensely practical. Use it to mark the balls, to clean the groove, etc. Last but not least, if you need a gadget that will help you achieve top results, the Rukket Lightweight Swing Trainer is the thing you need. This gadget will help you improve the swing, speed, and the length of your drives.

Take your time to review the functions and versatility of the above-mentioned golf gadgets and make the most of them.

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