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How valuable is SEO?

In the last few years, there’s been a tectonic shift in marketing. Even as we speak, techniques of marketing are evolving. We saw the shift from traditional media to online media quite smoothly and people started using the internet to market about their brands.

One such newer medium to market your brand has to be Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, as we call it. Did you know? A study showed that close to 64% of marketers invest their time in SEO.

If you’re reading this article, I am sure you want to invest your time in it also. So, first, let’s talk about what SEO is, and only then we will be able to decode how valuable it is.

What is SEO?

Imagine you have opened a new store in the city. However, your store is not on the street and is in a dark lane, and the lane is never crowded! How will you attract new customers? You will try to put up big directional posters, light up the storefront, light up the lane and keep a lot of banners showcasing your store opening.

Similarly, when you go live with a Website or a Landing page on the most crowded of lanes, the Internet, you will have to do certain activities to ensure that people can find you either by your brand’s name or by what you’re selling or by the type of service you offer.

Hence, the activities that you do in order to ensure your proper visibility is termed as Search Engine Optimisation or SEO! A study showed that 91% of pages on the internet do not get traffic from Google Searches, as there were no backlinks. And, backlinks are a part of SEO. Thus, it is a very valuable affair if you want organic visitors.

Let’s read about the various reasons why SEO is valuable.

Helps your Brand to grow Online

The ultimate objective of any marketing activity is to aid the financial growth of the brand and help scale the business. With SEO, you can actually develop a growth plan depending on the kind of goals you wish to achieve.

You can also measure the Return on Investment from SEO as it is also one of the most important factors of growth. With a strong SEO, your organic traffic increases, and within 3-6 months of the start of SEO, you will get to see business coming in, which will determine that the ROI on SEO is high and valuable. If you wish to know more about ROI on SEO, read here.

Online Searches are very important

Google received close to 2.3 trillion searches in 2019. This has resulted in marketers investing their time in creating channels and driving the searchers to their websites.

With the help of SEO, you can push your website up the ladder of Google and ensure that with every search corresponding to your industry, you get adequate viewership whom you can convert to potential customers.

Meet Your Potential Customers

Since people are searching for a particular product or service, which you are selling, they can be your potential customers. But how will they reach out to them? Do not worry. If your SEO is strong along with backlinks and good response time, your customers will find you on their own.

All you have to do is keep a good point of sale so that people can simply buy the product and your objective will be fulfilled.

Keeps Your Website Updated

What do you hate about retail stores? Is it their old stock or the old things they put on display? Well, both of these things can be a bummer, right! Then, how can you expect someone to like your website with old and outdated information or design?

With Search Engine Optimisation, you can easily keep on updating the website, which is the virtual asset and impression builder of your brand. Having an updated website is very important if you want people to talk about your brand.

Over to you…

SEO is the only way forward in the world of marketing. It not only helps you create a buzz but if done effectively, can make you a star overnight. Remember, if you don’t learn to harness the power of SEO, it can also make you a flop overnight!

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