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5 Reasons Why One Should Play Escape Room Games

For the people who grew up on thriller content such as BBC’s Sherlock and Christie’s marvelous novel series of Miss Marple and Poirot, escape rooms are the ultimate games. It gives us a chance to play Sherlock in real life! It’s more than enough reason to try an escape room. But if you (or maybe your friends you wish to take with you to an escape room for families near me) need more convincing, then read on!

Firstly, what is an escape room? In these games, a hoard of participants would be locked inside a room; so that they can escape, they must solve a series of puzzles. The rooms are often themed, such as: solving a murder inside of a moving train (remember the famous Murder on The Orient Express?), or “Jailbreak” where you have to escape with your fellow mates from a prison cell. You can even enjoy Mini Golf Perth at these escape rooms.

But apart from all the fun and memories, escape rooms will also end up teaching you some important life lessons like team building seattle!

1. Good Communication 

It is absolutely vital to Escape rooms Chelmsford, and also in life. The participant must positively convey to the other players the clues that are already deciphered. This might further help in speeding up the process and enhancing the score.

2. Diversity

There is no doubt that people with different life paths than you can bring different solutions to the table. For example, you are stuck on a puzzle that needs morse code to crack it but you don’t know it! It will always be a bonus to have someone unique in the game – may be an adult, or a talented individual, who just might be able to help in unexpected ways. 

Steve Johnson believes that if we were to put ourselves in an environment with lots of different perspectives, we will have better, sharper, and more original ideas. Just a little bit of change in perspective and being acceptant of this change will take you a long way.

3. Playfulness  

When we have a playful mindset, creative breakthroughs happen. Excitement is what drives participants to keep playing. Remember how Poirot uses his playful banter to extract information from the chatty neighborhood gossipmonger in order to solve the mystery of Roger Ackroyd? Playfulness is a vital element when solving these puzzles; as is in real life, so is in the game.

4. Develop Your Skills

In an escape room, you’ll end up sharpening your senses. You’ll also perhaps learn new things and get a dose of some physical exercise there! It also exercises our cognitive process. All these skills will help you in daily tasks as well! Maybe after a few visits to an escape room, you will be able to figure out the killer in the next crime novel you read before it’s even revealed, and flex on your friends!

5. Having Fun 

It is always fun to play a game that is bound for a limited time. If you’ve seen this Korean drama called Psychopath diary (which I definitely recommend if you haven’t seen it yet), you will recall how the protagonists used the escape room to recreate the crime scenes and discuss the strategies without being interrupted. They simply chilled and enjoyed the thrill of an escape room. Research suggests that people tend to be healthier and more productive when they happen to enjoy what they do. Having fun creates a relaxed atmosphere that increases team performance.

Unlike all other social activities and games, escape rooms are intellectually stimulating and will give you the adrenaline rush. Forget the musicals, bowling, or snooker! Go and get started on your escape room journey to make the best memories of your life! 

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