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Tips to Help you with Replacing Lost Car Keys with or without Insurance Coverage

Losing your car key is the last thing you would ever wish on a busy working day. The worst part is when you have the plan to reach somewhere, but you are dependent on your car—undoubtedly every second count when you have an important meeting to attend. So losing your car key can be frustrating. Of course, making a new key can cost you a fortune, but there is no need to worry. In this modern age, you can have chip integrated keys with functional programming coded into it. This key will save you from the frustration of losing and replacing lost car keys.

Does Insurance Cover Replace Lost Car Keys?

It differs with every insurance company how it covers the needful things. Some car insurance policies do cover expenses related to lost car keys; while others take it as an optional point which is subject to consideration under circumstantial pieces of evidence. Some auto insurances do not cover this issue at all. As a conscious and considerate consumer, you can take your step to look for an auto insurance policy firsthand, which includes the cost of replacing lost car keys or damaged car keys.

You will come across various types of coverages perhaps offered to buy auto insurance companies regarding lost car keys. Some of the common ones are as follows:

  • Several auto insurances cover the expenses related to rearranging lost car keys, getting it reprogrammed, and so on.
  • Many insurance policies also include roadside assistance package in which they involve replacing lost car keys. These policies offer you a spare key, directly delivered to you or an authorized automotive locksmith.
  • Some policies also cover the expenses related to a missing car key only if it is stolen and the fact is proved.

Replacing Lost Car Keys Assistance

Whether or not you have insurance coverage, when you lose your car keys, it is sometimes not possible to wait for a lengthy procedure like appealing to your dealership, who can send you a spare key. In many cases, the delivery process can take considerable time. Also, you cannot drive your car that long. If you cannot afford to wait that long, perhaps finding the best other solution is wiser than looking for an expert and professional automotive locksmith.

The thing is losing a car key is a sudden situation, so you got to think hard so that you can make the process of acquiring a new spare fast. Here are a few steps which can help you replace lost car keys fast and get your car on the road as soon as possible.

Check if your Insurance Cover Lost Keys

The first and foremost thing to do is quickly go through your automotive insurance policy. Check whether your insurance policy cover replacing lost car keys or offers roadside assistance with spare keys delivery. Both ways you can get help, either you can claim for the expenses or seek for roadside assistance.

Find a Licensed Locksmith

You need to find a licensed automotive locksmith, who can help you to design a new car key with new programming. But it is essential to find a licensed locksmith since if you do not have a licensed locksmith working on your keys, your insurance company may not approve your claim afterwards. Therefore, you can take advice from your friends, neighbors, or colleagues. You can check online for a licensed automotive locksmith in your locality

It is crucial to find a local locksmith in your locality since hiring someone out of the town can delay the entire procedure of getting a new car key. Therefore, make sure you search specifying your region to avail best and fast assistance.

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