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Published on May 27th, 2018 | by Sunit Nandi


Benefits of Using Refurbished Smartphones

Refurbished smartphones are pre-owned phones that have been remanufactured or repaired and placed back for sale in the market. There are lots of important questions and debates poking into the issue of purchasing refurbished smartphones, do they offer any benefit? Are they as cost-effective as you may have been led to believe? With many reputable smartphone dealers going the refurbishment way, consumers need to get a full understanding of the benefits of buying and using a refurbished mobile phone.

Continue reading the following article to get information about refurbished iPhone or reconditioned phones.

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Do Refurbished Phones Work as Well as New Ones?

Every consumer wants to know that the smartphone he/she is investing in, whether new or refurbished, will be able to give him/her the value for money. Well, as to whether the mobile phone you buy will work as well as new one, you need to consider the manufacturer/dealer doing the refurbishment and understand what goes on during the process.

When we talk of refurbishment, used mobile phones are usually returned to the manufacturer or repairing shop, fixed accordingly if they have any minor or major faults or damages. After this process, these devices are able to function as well as they were new ones. However, the levels of functionality may vary depending on different factors such as who refurbished the phone device, how well they did it, and reasons why the device was refurbished.

For the best results, refurbished phones are handled by expert technicians approved by the manufacturers. They replace faulty parts with the original ones and then test their functionality to make sure that these devices are in full working state. When buying a refurbished phone, it is therefore highly recommended that it is certified as “Factory Refurbished”.

What Is the Difference Between a Refurbished and Used Mobile Phone?

If you are looking for refurbished phones, there are two terms i.e. Refurbished and Used smartphones you will find everywhere. Many people think both are same but in reality, they are quite different from each other. The main difference between a refurbished and a used phone is that; Used phones are sold as-is, nothing has been changed to restore their appearance and performance. On the other hand, refurbished phones are undergone a thorough refurbishment process so that they can work like new ones.

What are the Benefits of Using Refurbished Phones?


If you ever wanted to have phones with advanced technology at a fraction of the regular price, refurbished/reconditioned phones offer that very advantage. Such mobile phones are cheaper than their brand new counterparts. This is why you can get your hands on your favourite older or latest phone of any make at a very affordable price.

Good Condition

In most cases, the refurbished phones may not have been returned to the manufacturer because they were faulty or damaged ones. Some users may return because they purchased another phone. This gives you a competitive price for quality devices.


Think of what would happen if every old, used phone was to be ended up in the landfill. We would soon increase the e-waste that can pollute the groundwater and air, causing severe health issues for us. Refurbishing the old mobile phones reduces e-waste. So, when you buy a refurbished phone, you not only help yourself but also contributes in promoting the Green Environment.

Quality Assurance

A complete refurbishment process with multiple tests is done to make sure that refurbished phones work perfectly. Manufacturers and certified dealers are well aware of their credibility, therefore, they don’t sell faulty or damaged phones. Whenever you consider buying a refurbished phone with the reputable dealer, you are assured that you are getting a fully functional phone.


Warranty or money back guarantee is another benefit of buying a refurbished phone. Most certified dealers/sellers offer a decent warranty period when you make a purchase of a reconditioned phone from them. Normally, you get a warranty card for 90-180 days. Furthermore, some dealers also supply money back guarantee that means if you are not satisfied with your purchased product, you can send it back to them within specific days and get a full refund.

Must Consider the Following Tips When Buying a Refurbished Phone

  • When considering buying a refurbished mobile phone, always look for a reliable and reputable dealer or seller. Trustworthy and authorised dealers or sellers will sell factory refurbished phones that are of good quality and condition. This will save you from worries and help you get a quality phone at a cheap price.
  • At the time of making your purchase of the refurbished phone, make certain you check important features. Some specs which are necessary to look into are screen damage, battery life, memory capacity, or some others.
  • Apart from checking the important features, you should also think about any possible limitations your mobile phone may come with. Ensure your device is unlocked. Because if it is locked, you will be restricted to use a specific network service.
  • Always examine the phone closely for any physical damage and test it to ensure its functionality and features. This is only possible in the case of local purchase. If you are going online for buying a refurbished phone, you should check the product description mentioned on websites, as well as check out their customers’ reviews to make sure the quality of the products. Never buy a refurbished phone unless you are completely sure.

Looking for buying a refurbished phone? Where should you go for making a purchase of a refurbished smartphone? eBay, Amazon, Best Buy, Craigslist are some of the popular online stores where you can find a wide range of refurbished phones of any make, model, and condition as well. However, you should keep in mind that these platforms also involve some risks, for example, some individual sellers can sell their poor-quality products as refurbished ones. So, be aware of scammers.

Further, there are a number of certified dealers offering affordable deals for refurbished iPhones. Do some little research and approach a right one to buy a refurbished phone with warranty.

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