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How to Choose the Best Ceiling Fan for Your Needs?

With the variety in the market, it is ok to be confused between choosing a good ceiling fan. Moreover, personal expectations make it more challenging to come to a final conclusion. You have to check true Indian review which covers a few basic things that the majority of the people look for while choosing the best ceiling fan for their needs.

Our article comprises of a deep study involving the thoughts of the manufacturers and the advice from the experts. Looking for a good fan is relatable as looking for a good companion. It is because a fan too stays with you for a long time.

How to Choose the Best Ceiling Fan for Your Needs?

1. Size of the Room:

Before you jump on choosing between the colors, type, and brand the foremost important thing is to study your room size. Ceiling fans come in different sizes to make sure before purchasing a new fan you have full knowledge about which size good for your room.  For instance, a room size of 400 sq. feet must have a fan of at least 56’’. It covers your entire living room. For a kitchen or bedroom area with a size of up to 400 sq. feet, choose a fan of 42’’ and that will solve the purpose.

2. Height of the Fan:

The second step to note is how much should be the height of your fan. Your fan must be at least seven feet from the ground. Ideally, the experts believe that the more space there is between the ceiling and the blades, the better for the air to flow and roam in your room.

3. Installation Steps:

From electrical to remote controlled, you will find a lot of varieties but, it is important to know how easy the installation of your fan is. People often go for too many features and end up in trouble during the troubleshooting or installation process. Do not buy a fan that is too complex to install.

4. Check out the Features:

Other than the basic features of the fan, check out what additional features do you get as an add-on. For instance, whether you can remotely access the buttons of the fan through remote control, inbuilt light, auto switch on and off timer, etc… Some features are essential to add more convenience to the lifestyle. Nowadays most people prefer ceiling fans with remote control features, which is a common feature on most ceiling fan brands.

 5. Efficiency & Airflow

Ceiling fan one of the great ways to improve room comfort and also save energy. This is one of the most important factors you should consider before going to purchase. A good quality fan motor provides more efficiency. The fan comes with an AC motor and DC motor. The DC Motor Fan consumes less energy and provide more efficient than the AC motor fan. So most experts prefer a DC motor fan instead of an AC motor fan. On the other make sure to check the Energy Star rating, more start means more energy efficiency and consumes less power.

6. Brand and After-Sale:

Check out the brand and their after-sale service offered to their customers. Some brands only believe in spending more money on marketing and promotions however their products do not have a longer life. Warranty and guarantee offered also play an important role in the ceiling fan selection. Some of the famous brands like Crompton, Orient, Atomberg provide excellent products and services as well. Online research will help you with the comparison and give you a better picture before you make the final decision.

Our expert discusses some basic features of top ceiling fans which make your room more comfortable during summertime. Make a list of all the preferred ceiling fans from your online research and contact your nearest retailer or dealer to know the offers available. You may also buy online with the help of reviews and ratings provided to the seller. We hope you found the article helpful and we are sure you will make the best selection of the ceiling fan for your needs.

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