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15 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Pinterest

Pinterest is a huge social media platform that relies heavily on visual elements. There are now over 335 million people who use Pinterest every month around the world and the number keeps growing. Of the millions, at least 50% of them tend to shop and buy products on Pinterest. If you run an eCommerce business like Azuro Republic and want to boost your revenue, or if you simply want to increase your traffic, then you should give Pinterest a try.

1. The visual attraction

People love to see pictures and images instead of text, so magnificent photos will drive you tons of traffic on Pinterest.

2 billion searches on Pinterest every month.

In terms of a search engine, Pinterest is similar to Google, so if you work on the description and keywords (visit Bumped for tips), it’ll pay off.

2. Immortal lifespan

A post on Pinterest can be seen for at least 6~12 months, while Instagram 2 days, and Facebook 2 hours. With millions of people using Pinterest per month, your product/service is bound to be discovered.

3. A phenomenal platform for shopping

Around 50% of the audience purchase products on Pinterest. Considering that it is a visual platform; when something attracts the potential customer’s attention, a simple click will convert that visitor into a lead or buyer.

4. Trendy for certain topics

If your business is related to jewelry, cosmetics, arts, cars, and so on, then you’re in the right place. With over 80% of the audience being women, promoting such products will not be a hassle. Whether they are buying for themselves, friends, or significant others, there is immense potential for the product to be bought.

5. Potential to tap into the international market

Pinterest may have started as a USA platform but the rate at which it has exploded to the international scene is phenomenal. Promoting your products or services on Pinterest will not only reach the local market but also the international one.

6. It drives plenty of organic traffic to your business

If you create reach pins, you can expect a heavy flow of traffic to your website. This in turn could potentially turn the visitors into buyers. Good content and the right keywords will keep visitors flowing in.

Whether the click is for inspiration or for buying a product, the organic traffic you will get on your website will be worth its presence on Pinterest.

7. It promotes engagement which keeps your business relevant

Every time you post fresh content, your pins will be bumped up for user engagement. This in turn drives traffic to your business. The trick is to post regularly and make use of strong keywords.

If a user likes your pin or content, chances are high that it will get re-posted onto their news feeds for others to see and the cycle continues. This promotes high engagement for your product or service and increases your potential to make sales.

8. It can help you find what is trending in your field

Pinterest lets you tap into emerging trends. This in turn can help your business grow if you pay attention to the trends and use them to improve your products or services.

9. Pinterest users are thirsty for discoveries

Pinterest users can spend quality time checking out pins, looking for inspiration, or looking to purchase something. Whatever the reason, there is an unquenchable thirst for fresh content. If it catches their eyes, chances are high that they will make the purchase just to state that they have tried the product or service.

10. Pinterest users are likely to make the buy compared to other social media platforms

According to research on Social Media activities on select social networks such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, it was found that at least 48% of Pinterest users are likely to make the purchase. Compared to Facebook’s 14%, Pinterest is an ideal platform to tap into buying customers.

11. It can keep your brand relevant

As long as you have good content, use the right keywords, and hashtags, your brand will remain relevant to users. It will be a constant reminder to visitors that you exist. Don’t forget to use catchy phrases that will leave a good impression on the user’s mind.

12. It promotes networking

Pinterest promotes networking among businesses. If your products or services fall in line with another business, networking can help drive essential traffic to both businesses. This doesn’t mean that you pin your business to your competitors. You need to find businesses that can help you promote your brand. For example, you can tag a trending fashion event and tag your pin for that jewelry that you are selling.

13. It promotes customer engagement

Customer engagement is important for any business. It helps your customers feel valued and remain connected to your brand. Pinterest helps you maintain customer engagement through the posts you make.

14. You get to enjoy free marketing

Pinterest users love re-pinning what interests them. This can be free marketing for your business. All you have to do is to create interesting content and leave the rest to your fans.

Tips to a successful Pinterest venture

Once you have created your Pinterest business account, connected it to your other social media accounts, given it a sweet description, added your website, and added a cover photo, you are a few steps closer to start receiving visitors.

To keep visitors hooked, you need to:

  • Come up with captivating content
  • Post regularly
  • Make meaningful connections with pinners. For example, you can come up with useful tutorials
  • Utilize the right keywords, utilize the right Hashtags, and optimize your account for SEO
  • Last but not least, maintain customer engagement


With the right content, strong keywords, and regular posting, Pinterest can help your business grow. Pinterest users love to network, share content, watch videos, and view photos. But, most importantly, a good percentage of them like to try out new products or services. This makes it an ideal platform to promote your business.

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