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The Importance of Cloud Architect Certification

“Cloud computing offers individuals access to data and applications at nearly any point of access to the Internet, offers business a whole new way to cut costs for technical infrastructure, and offers big computer companies a potentially giant market for hardware and services.”

  • Jamais Cascio

Cloud computing has moved to mainstream enterprise IT. The total quarterly revenues stated by AWS recently jumped from USD 1.8billion to USD2.89 year over year, which shows a growth of a massive 58%. 

As per a report by IDC(International Data Corporation), the cloud is growing much faster than what was projected. New expectations reveal that the investment in public cloud services and infrastructure is going to increase at a CAGR of 21.9% by 2021 and will reach USD 277 billion.

Companies are shifting to the cloud and the shift is continuously accelerating and is embedded in the future of enterprise IT. According to a survey by JP Morgan CIO, at present only 16% of all enterprise applications are deployed in the cloud and in the coming years the number will grow up to 41%. 

The two data points show that cloud computing has now become a core competency of all IT organizations. So, they are facing the challenge of finding professionals with cloud skills. Finding the right candidate with perfect cloud skills has become the #1 challenge, as per a report by RightScale. The cloud has become a de facto standard for applications. 

This has resulted in the increasing number of candidates going with cloud solutions architect certification because in the IT industry the highest paid jobs are that of cloud experts. The average annual salary of USD115,826. 

Who is a Cloud Solutions Architect?

Cloud computing architecture comprises components and subcomponents that are needed for cloud computing. Typically, these involve platforms for front-end and back-end, a network, and a cloud-based delivery. 

A cloud architect is the one who converts the technical requirements of a project into design and architecture that will lead to the final product. A cloud architect is also accountable for bridging the gap between complex problems in business and the solutions in the cloud. 

A cloud solutions architect is an IT professional accountable for looking after the cloud computing strategy of a company. This typically includes plans related to cloud adoption, designing cloud applications, and cloud management and monitoring. As a cloud architect, you are required to look after application architecture and deployment of applications in cloud environments which may be a public cloud, hybrid, or private cloud. 

The primary responsibilities of a cloud architect include working with various departments of the organization including Engineers and Developers, to ensure that the technology development is on the right track. 

Depending on the organization’s requirements, you have to design the cloud environment. As a cloud architect, you need to monitor the strategies of cloud computing, including cloud deployments, the design and architecture of a related application, and planning for the adoption of the cloud. To ensure smooth operation of the cloud, you can choose from a diverse range of available resources such as switches, firewalls, routers, virtual machines, servers, and more, based on the design that you have built.

Skills Required to Become a Cloud Architect

To become a Cloud Architect, you should have a strong background in Cloud Computing. The required skills for a Cloud Architect are:

  • Strong knowledge of MySQL
  • Experience working with various cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, or the Google Cloud.
  • Network administration skills
  • A programming language such as Java, Python, Ruby, etc.
  • Knowledge of open-source tools that may include Docker and Kubernetes
  • Project management skills

Importance of Cloud Architect Certification

  1. There is a growing demand for certified cloud architects

Almost 90% of companies are either shifted to the cloud or planning to do so. To accomplish the task they need professionals who are highly skilled and trained. Certification validates that you possess the right skills and knowledge required to become a cloud architect. 

  1. Flexibility

Since the cloud certifications are not industry-specific, it provides you the flexibility of accessing positions in a broad array of organizations and environments. Since cloud professionals are required in almost every industry, you can choose sectors of your interest such as finance, healthcare, entertainment, or even government agencies. 

  1. Meeting employer qualifications

Most companies prefer to hire certified candidates because it enables them to benchmark the employee’s skills against the standards that are preset for the same. The recruiter team may not know what are the skills and knowledge required for the position; at that time a certification serves as a testimonial to validate that you are the right candidate required for the company. 

With certification, organizations are capable of hiring candidates with a standardized skillset. Moreover, a certification makes you on top of preferred candidates over non-certified ones. 

  1. Career Growth

A cloud computing certification can grow your demand and salary, like any other advanced piece of training. Certification validates your level of expertise and enables you to prove your worth and companies value your efforts properly. 

The average annual salary of a cloud computing professional with certification is around USD 136,659. For example, the Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect earns an average salary of USD 175,761. 

The average annual salary of an AWS Certified Solutions Architect is USD118,266. For Microsoft Azure Cloud Architect, the salary may range from USD 103,469 to USD 182,136.


A Cloud Architect Certification can make you a valuable asset for your company and enable you to have great career growth. To make a career in the cloud and earn a cloud certification, go simple, and take an online training course. 

This will make you forget about the worries of arranging the study material and give you the flexibility of learning at your own pace. Doubt sessions, learners’ assistance, and job guidance make the training courses the most preferred way of earning a certification. 

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