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Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

A slow website is often a major web design error. It isn’t always related to what is visually on the site, but this does not matter to a visitor who wants to access the information as quickly as possible. Because speed is often very important to site visitors, it matters also to search engines, meaning page speed, and keyword optimization are entirely linked. If you don’t hire one of professional web development agencies to optimize your website for your intended audience, you’re likely not going to get as many visitors as you should. However, by making sure that visitors have access to all of the information in a concise and well-designed manner, you can ensure that your site will have a good amount of traffic.

Clear Navigation is Crucial

A common place to make a mistake is where a user is directed to after they have navigated to your website. For example, if your website has a link at the bottom of the home page that says “Contact Us,” your website visitors may want to click on that link in order to navigate back to the contact us page. You should avoid putting “click here” links throughout the website. You may use a back button, however, you should make it very clear that clicking the back button or redirecting the user to another page is an option. Additionally, you should make it very clear what the purpose of the back button is, so that users know exactly what they will get when they click on it.

One other common website design error is forcing a user to click a link or redirect. For example, if a user has arrived at your site via Google, they probably completely trust the organic search results. However, they might not understand that the result is not necessarily the most relevant search result, and they could end up closing the current tab. To avoid this, it is important to include links and redirects that allow users to navigate to the pages they want to visit effortlessly.

However, if you decide to hire one of the best web development agencies in Dubai to design your website, you won’t have to think about the above mentioned issues.

All Links Should be Tailored for Mobile Users

Another common website design error is using text links on mobile devices. When a user is on a mobile device, they often do not have all of the tools that they do with desktop computers or laptops. Instead of using a desktop link in a user experience on a mobile device, many mobile users are forced to tap on links. For example, if your website has a search feature, and a user is seeking information about a particular product, they may be more likely to simply tap the search box instead of searching for additional information.

Quality and Relevant Content is Imperative for Success

You should ensure that your site isn’t too focused on one topic. It can be tempting to provide just enough information about a product or service, so that site visitors know what they are getting. However, this can lead to site visitors skipping around your site in search of what they need. You should try to provide enough information for site visitors to understand what it is they are looking for, without forcing them to leave the current page they are on.

Use Short Yet Informative Content

Another of the web design mistakes to avoid is providing information on a web page that is too long. This will not only make it difficult for potential customers to read the information, but it can also frustrate customers who are trying to find what they need. Before you put any information on a web page, it is important to read the entire document so that you can ensure it is as clear and concise as possible. In addition, avoid putting any unnecessary punctuation or symbols. Doing so can cause potential customers to lose interest, as well as confuse readers.

Yet another common website design mistake is to place the navigation bar in the wrong location. Many people make this mistake because they are trying to place the buttons on a horizontal bar, which is easier for web visitors. However, many users do not feel comfortable navigating a website over a horizontal bar. While it may seem easier for a person to click on a button, he or she may not be able to target it with ease. Achieving a better user experience is important so that website visitors can enjoy using your site, therefore your site’s navigation bar should be placed in a perfect spot.


These are some of the biggest website design mistakes that companies can make. Although most of these mistakes are easily avoidable, they should still be taken care of. No matter how user-friendly or technological-advanced your website is, customers should not have to endure long load times or confusing navigation. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can ensure that your customers stay happy and stay satisfied with your website.

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