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Everything You Need to Know About Gravity Conveyor Rollers

At any project site, you will have different types of equipment that can fasten up the pace of working. One such equipment is the gravity conveyor rollers. The conveyor system is used to move the material from one location to another. This method is simple and efficient enough to handle various types of products irrespective of their weight. Industries that deal with bulk products always invest in this kind of products because of their ease and flexibility.

There are different types of conveyor rollers out there in the market and out of them, the most preferred one is gravity conveyor roller. These are non-powered conveyors that use the gravitational force to operate.  You don’t have to plug them to the electricity. However, they need a little bit of manual force or some inclination to operate.

There will be evenly spaced metal rollers or wheels that will help in the movement of the materials. The entire process is simple and effective at the same time.

Why Gravity Conveyor rollers are Popular?

As said, the main reason why most of the companies are opting for gravity conveyor rollers is because of the benefits that they provide. Here are a few of them:

  • They are simple to use and do not even consume any electricity.
  • They are used in the industries that are involved with packaging, assembly, pallet handling, kitting, and truck offloading sites.
  • The gravity conveyor rollers will help in faster transportation of the products, and this saves a huge amount of time and requirement of manual labor as well.
  • They also reduce the need for forklifts for any other kind of heavy machinery that one uses during the transportation of products from one place to another.
  • The best thing about gravity conveyors is that they are quite flexible and one can install them in any place without any hassles.
  • It is capable of moving products of different shapes, sizes and of various weights too.
  • They are equipped with advanced safety features that will help in preventing any kind of accidents in the workplace.

Advantages of Gravity Conveyor Rollers

There is a myriad of advantages that one can get with the help of these gravity conveyor rollers. If you are planning on investing in this product, then you have to know about the benefits that it can provide:

  • Less Investment: There is no need for you to worry about spending a lot of amount on these products. They are less investment option that you can go for. The product entirely works with the help of gravitational force that is available for free out there. There is no need for any specialized motor or any other thing when you are using the gravitational conveyor rollers. They are a cost-effective investment that you can always rely on .
  • Low Maintenance: Another advantage of this type of conveyor roller is easy to maintain. You don’t have to use advanced cleaning equipment to get rid of debris present on the rollers. It is quite easy to clean the rollers with a cloth and some disinfectant. This is where you will get to save a good amount of money and manual labor as well.

  • Flexible: These rollers come in different shapes and sizes that will meet your requirement. They can be used for a wide variety of applications and are highly flexible. This makes them a go-to option for sure.


There are different sizes of gravity conveyor rollers that you will find in the market. Each of them is good and effective in one way or another. You can invest in these rollers considering your requirement. Make sure you do a complete comparative analysis of conveyor rollers before you make a final decision to invest in any of the conveyor rollers.

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