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Seven Little Tricks to Achieve The Best Results In Car Paint Protection

Everyone loves the smell of a brand-new car. It’s a heady aroma that gives all of us a sensory thrill. The beautiful glow of a new car’s paint job is also a car lover’s dream-come-true. Looking at that patent leather radiance of a car straight off the lot is a rush.

Now comes the job of keeping that paint finish looking new over the months of driving in all types of weather conditions, on dusty roads, and under falling pollen.

There are methods you can use to ensure your car will continue to look its best. We are going to share seven ways to achieve car paint protection.

Regular Maintenance and Clay Bar

  1. Typical car owners want to know whether detailing their cars has any shortcuts that can get the job done more quickly. The answer is that once a vehicle is scratched, has endured oxidation, and has become discolored, getting it back to looking new is quite an undertaking.

One way to avoid reaching this point is to maintain your automobile consistently, which means a weekly washing and getting rid of debris and contaminants on the car. Many auto enthusiasts use a clay bar to remove bumps and rough spots. They first spray a lubricant surface and then wipe with the bar. This procedure removes foreign particles and readies the surface for waxing.


  1. Depending on your attitude toward your vehicle, your wax choices will vary. For example, if you feel about your car the same way you feel about your wife, you will probably be drawn to a multi-step waxing process. If you just love your car because it takes you from here to there, you might go for something a little less time- and effort-consuming.

Experts recommend a non-cleaner wax if you have used the clay bar to remove matter from your car’s surface. The clay bar step has already cleaned the paint covering, so more cleaning is unnecessary.

Here is a list of some of the types of wax available on the market for those who want car paint protection:

  • Abrasive cleaner wax
  • Automotive spray wax
  • Liquid wax
  • Paste wax
  • Carnauba wax

The secret is layering the wax by applying it to the auto, letting it dry and applying wax again. The car show community always layers their wax at least once. They buff with an unused microfiber cloth after each coat when it is completely dry.


  1. Sealants have improved over the years to the point that now, to seal your wax layers, you just wipe the clear liquid on. No buffing or additional wiping is necessary, and your car paint protection sealing step is complete.

Car fans in the know say soft foam pads are best for applying the sealer after your vehicle is totally clean and dry. Feel free to use the new, upgraded sealants on plastic trim, chrome, glass, and, of course, paint. Although the sealers last as long as a year, car guys say applying twice a year gives you optimal car paint protection.


  1. Some paint protection steps you saw your dad use are downright harmful to your auto. Here are a few examples:

Dishwashing liquid is not a good choice for cleaning your automobile’s body. The cleaner removes food, grease, and oils from food containers and dishes. On a car, the liquid takes off silicone, polymers, and wax. A better choice is the new pH-balanced soap for cars that also include glossing conditioners.

Some think using a clay bar should be left to the experts, but paint cleaning clay is not brain surgery. Clay bars are simple to use and do a great job of removing dirt from your vehicle.

Using old diapers, t-shirts or other soft recycled cloths is a bad idea. They may feel soft, but many have polyester threads that will scratch your car’s clear coat.

Swirl Marks

  1. Swirl marks in your auto’s paint surface occur when you use the incorrect tools and cloths when washing or waxing it. To avoid the tiny swirls, you can purchase distinctive car polishes designed to remove them. Look for finishes that include words like swirl removal and swirl.

Machine Polishers

  1. The idea that using a machine polisher for car paint protection should be left to the professionals just isn’t a fact. These orbital polishers are safe and easy to use. With care and practice, any car owner can learn how to use them and minimize the amount of elbow grease needed.


  1. It is not accurate to say the higher the price, the better the car paint protection product. Like every product, you must try out different brands to decide which you like and which do the best job. A good way to choose products that work and are priced affordably is to check with automobile sites and learn what the pros are using. This method can save time, frustration, and money.

Make sure you protect your auto’s paint job and have fun seeing the improvement in your car’s appearance. Car paint protection is an important step toward protecting your investment.


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