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Top Green Technology Trends for Everyday Life in 2016

As the technology behind renewable energy advances continues to dominate news headlines, homeowners are becoming more aware of the benefits of green living. If you are thinking about taking steps towards a more eco-friendly life at home, we at Modernize have a few suggestions to help you get started. Here are some of the top green technology trends of 2016.


Photovoltaics (traditional solar panels)

While traditional solar power has been around for years, installing photovoltaic (PV) panels at home has never been easier. The PVs of 2016 are more affordable and accessible than ever, with materials and installation costs decreasing as availability and popularity increases.

California, for example, is at the top of the American renewable energy game, with cities like San Francisco reaching record solar installations and even offering both local and federal government funded incentives for residential solar power use.

The future is bright for residential solar power. Over time, homeowners who wish to live an entirely self-sufficient life may well be able to utilize their own solar power exclusively, rather than relying on energy from grid-based sources. Development of solar technology like the Tesla Powerwall, a home solar battery announced last year by Elon Musk, means that homeowners can store excess solar power and function on a full time off-grid basis.


Other solar gadgets

Residential solar power is about more than just home photovoltaics. Solar chargers, small appliances, battery maintainers, and generators can all help to lower the amount of grid-based energy used in homes and provide a more renewable—and practically free—energy source for many parts of daily life.

Solar powered chargers are particularly popular at the moment, as they become more widely available in home improvement stores and around the web. Ranging from basic, compact USB style chargers to professional grade charging panels, homeowners can choose from a variety of styles to suit their needs. We are particularly interested in the solar charging potential in accessories such as radios, window mounted charging units, and even backpacks, which make it much easier to stay powered up and connected when grid-based power sources are unavailable.


Smart home automation products

The Internet of Things is slowly taking over our daily lives, arguably for the better. Smart gadgets and products that learn your personal preferences, monitor, adjust, and notify you of any problems are more popular than ever in homes around the country. These products are wirelessly linked and send their notifications to your smartphone or tablet to give you real time information. The most popular residential smart tech at the moment includes smart thermostats, CO2, and smoke detectors, as well as security systems from brands such as Nest, ecobee, and Hive, but linkable small appliances and even white goods are beginning to appear as well. It’s not exactly artificial intelligence (yet); however, current technology trends are certainly heading in a smarter, greener direction.


Electric cars

Finally, electric cars are the transportation of the future. Hybrid models and a few pricey electric car models have been around for several years now, but 2016 is the year in which electric cars really make their mark. Various makes and models of electric cars and chargeable hybrids are now available for general sale, offering striking benefits in comparison to their gas-powered competitors. Electric cars use considerably less energy, cost about a third of traditional gasoline powered cars, and can be charged conveniently from home. While these cars are not made for long distance travel, commuters who drive less frequently will reap the benefits of electric powered cars immediately. This article by Muzi Chevrolet explains the reasons why we will all be driving electric cars in the future.


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